Townes Van Zandt - Kathleen (DVD) video free download

Duration: 02:51
Uploaded: 2012/07/14

From the dvd "Townes Van Zandt Be Here To Love Me"


3 years ago


American Idol audition...

3 years ago


The way this lurches and rattles, in and out of time... fuck. it's just so good. 

4 years ago

William Burke

"It didn't come from me." That blows my mind every single time, and I've watched this a dozen times, probably more. He's meeting her on the sea floor. Or in Hell. Probably both.

4 years ago

jean louis Brillet

One of the best songs ever.

5 years ago


So sad Kathleen met him on such rare occasions

5 years ago

Terry Mathews

Not sure how I missed this one. Damn. It's like he just opened a vein. Hope everyone listens until the very end. He reveals everything in that last sentence. RIP, Townes.

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