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Duration: 04:06
Uploaded: 2015/02/17

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Lost in a moment of time

Self destruct switch on

I try

But it happens the same


Here I go standing on the edge

Holding on to the bitter end

This is it this is me with the weight of the whole world on my shoulders again

As I look up to the sky

All the pain that is in my eyes

It's all the things that you don't see

But you best believe that it's haunting me

Stuck inside this fucking mind


I will shut down

Mission abort down for the count

Stuck in a cycle

Trapped in a nightmare

Losing what matters

See if I fight fair

I'm afraid I'm afraid

This is what I can't be

Get away, get away

I just want to be happy

I set sail on a voyage unknown

Aboard a vessel that I call my soul

And I've been searching for what makes me whole

Sinking in the ocean on an empty boat

Take me home I'm lost alone


3 years ago

Traffic lights

Jacky Vincent. Nuff said. 

3 years ago

Mєℓια Tнσмαѕ

i wuv this song

3 years ago

Mariah Starr

I absolutely LOVE this song! On repeat. :)

3 years ago

Deybyd Jimenez

Who make the growls? and the highs (is fry scream or false chords)? Because doesnt sound like Ronnie. Or he improve his screams and growls?

3 years ago


Get Away, Get Away.I just want to be happy. >_<

3 years ago


I really LOVE this song!

3 years ago

Derek Whatley

Ronnie still has it. New album f'ing rocks.I'm afraid I'm afraidThis is what I can't beGet away, get awayI just want to be happyI set sail on a voyage unknownAboard a vessel that I call my soulAnd I've been searching for what makes me wholeSinking in the ocean on an empty boatTake me home I'm lost alone

3 years ago

Yelitza Escalante ferreras

oh god I love all the songs in this album, I love it!

3 years ago

Jar Star

Love the drums. Amazing job Ryan.

3 years ago


I set sail on a voyage unknownAboard a vessel that I call my soulAnd I've been searching for what makes me wholeSinking in the ocean on an empty boat

3 years ago

Joshua Balsavage

Holy shit that breakdown midway thru is sick

3 years ago

Angelina Barbara

This song just really speaks to me. I cry everyone I listen to it. It's so beautiful.

3 years ago


A part of me feels like this is more fitting as The Guillotine IV, in terms of sound and lyrical content as it relates to The Guillotine III (The Aftermath)

3 years ago

Danieli Jackson

Que susto do crlh uahehuaehuae

3 years ago

brandyn brown

i love falling in reverse there awesome

3 years ago

brandyn brown

the bitter end is how i feel

3 years ago

Amy Robertson

The chorus makes me think of "It's Over When It's Over"

3 years ago

Eason Sloan

Freakin luv this song and Tbh for it reminds me of sink or swim because instead of sinking Ronnie's choosing to swim ;P

3 years ago

Evan Stewart

"Aurgharreghh Baahehrhrhhrh Yarrstrattth" - Ronnie RadkeSo inspirational 

3 years ago

Dominik1313 fischer

this song would not be to bad if his screams didn't sound like shit. 

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