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Duration: 03:52
Uploaded: 2015/02/17

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Walk away from all the pain

Found the peace with it again

And after all I've seen

And everything in between

My heart's the one to blame

My heart's to blame

So where do we all go from here

It's time to say goodbye you're on your own

And this is where I disappear

So turning back is what I hate the most

It doesn't matter anyways

I guess there's nothing left to say

So where do we all go from here

It's time to say goodbye your on your own

I ran away from my mistakes

Crashed and burned and in okay

The most important thing

Learning what it all will bring

My hearts the one to blame


3 years ago

Citbks Offical

Awesome song. Love the album 

3 years ago

XxGrey KrisxX


3 years ago

Jonathan Ebling


3 years ago


if you have iphones just use a youtube mp3 converter and put the file on your itunes music file

3 years ago

brandyn brown

i feel like this some times and it is a good song 

3 years ago

brandyn brown

this is most how i feel some times too i dont trust nobody and it tells evey thing about me 

3 years ago

zoey wagner

Kinda sounds like eskimo callboy the background music that is

3 years ago


Is the next album cover going to be a photo of a girl's knees?

3 years ago

Tiffany Dugan

Freakin awesome song. The whole Album says a lot about Ronnie. Thank You For Staying true to yourself and all of us TRUE fans......... Oh And Stay Sexy Ronnie.

3 years ago

Greg Chin Jr.

Anybody notice that the solo at the end of this song is super similar to one of the solos in Without You by Jacky Vincent? It makes sense considering the guitarist of this band ;P

3 years ago

Sam Mclendon

I absolutely love this album

3 years ago

Joshua Emery Mounce

I freaking love this song so much amazing song

3 years ago

robert john bayoneta

nice shreds....

3 years ago

Pedro Jose Diaz Arques


3 years ago

Inspired Magic

i got to play this song on the apple tv in history after my teacher told me to give my presentation ^.^ i guess my teachers a fan

3 years ago



3 years ago

Tristen Cook Wolf

Everyone's hair in this band looks so much better! Anybody agree? 

3 years ago

Emma Dillon

My Heart's To Blame- Falling In Reverse+Abbie Chapman 

3 years ago


This song deserves the next music video for sure

3 years ago


On repeat!! 

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