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Duration: 03:44
Uploaded: 2015/02/17

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I admit that I'm far from perfect

Who are you to judge me like I'm worthless I will not conform or be your puppet I will never trust cause the loyalty is dead

I would've died for

I'm killing myself hanging on your words And it goes to show how much it hurts For what it's worth Some things are better left unsaid

You won't

Destroy me

This is

Your warning

I have a dark side

I' have an army

With in me

A secret

A thousand years

Of torment

Caged up like monster

Forever I will wander

I'm no longer able to believe in

What you are fighting for your lying soul will burn below and I hope that it happens slow Tell that bastard that you call your father if you bother that he should have raised you with a heart and taught a bit of honor

The world as we know it is a motherfucking battle ground


3 years ago

Man Whore

"Tell that bastard that you call your father.." throwback to "The Worst Time". Can't believe I still remember that shit, lol. Probably just a coincidence.

3 years ago


Its almost not fair how accurate and how fucking fast Ryan can play those kicks. like, jesus christ. I mean anyone can play kicks that fast, but my fucking got the accuracy is so flawless its not even real. 

3 years ago

Derek Whatley

Hell yeah!I would've died for youI'm killing myself hanging on your wordsAnd it goes to show how bad it hurtsFor what it's worthSome things are better left unsaidBreak it up!I'm no longer able to believe in what we're fighting forYour lying soul will burn below and I hope that it happens slowTell that bastard that you call your father if you botherThat he should have raised you with a heart and taught you a bit of honorGo!The world as we know it is a motherfucking battle ground

3 years ago

Michael Devine

Makes up for gangsters paradise

3 years ago

Daysy Ruiz

omfg that growl at the beginning tho

3 years ago

louie lavill

This and chemical prisoner are my favourite songs on this album 

3 years ago

Justin Sorrell

Shit is dope

3 years ago

Charles Burkett

The webs we weave part 2 

3 years ago


My favorite song on the album!

3 years ago

daniel Wright

The screaming is so good

3 years ago

Brandon Waddell

I think its cool that he used some of the lyrics from "The Worst Time" in this, an early demo Falling In Reverse made while Ronnie was still in prison. Also theres a video of Nason singing Red Alert floating around youtube that song is now Good Girls, Bad Guys. Pretty cool to notice that he's still using songs hes written years ago, in my opinion of course..

3 years ago

michael lecompte

I think this is probably the best albulm they have ever written as a band and my favorite song on the albulm

3 years ago

Hollow Naruto

Ooo that is sick. (:

3 years ago

Albert Cortez

I hope they play this at the tour I wanna mosh to this it's too badass

3 years ago


Whenever Ronnie says "Go", you know shit's about to go town on Jacky's guitar.

3 years ago

Catherine Switzer

Is it bad that I fall asleep to this? Like in a good way.. Not that it's boring, you know what I mean!

3 years ago

cruel heart

This album sucks dont hate suckers

3 years ago

Jayy Cantres

This song sounds familiar to "don't mess with ouija boards" Anyone else thinks?

3 years ago

Almog Azoulay

even though i hate the songs with the screams (yea, i know, kinda of stuiped of me), i just love this song. the screams, the music, the rythem... i'm just in love with song right now <3

3 years ago

Oliver-Vic Carquinn

Best song off of this album no doubt.

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