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Duration: 03:47
Uploaded: 2015/02/17

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School is in another year

And I just want to disappear again

I hate the world I just can't win

And sometimes I just wish it would all end

I walk around with headphones in a hoodie on

I'm trying to blend in

With all the other useless kids

That's it's how I've always been

I know one day I'll be

The king of the music scene

Like omg

So what do you do when everyone fails you?

Am I just a stupid boy with nothing left to lose

I'm so sick and tired no desire to stay in this town

So hopefully my hopes and dreams will get me out

I'm stereotype of a fucked up kid

And there's nothing really nice about the way I live

I got no money in my pocket but I'm handsome and cocky

Start a band with my posse beat the scene up like Rocky

I'm a lady winner take your sister To dinner

And I may kiss her but I won't even miss her

I'm a bad boy big dreams Headed for the top

And I'm a sing my little heart out till the music stops


3 years ago

krystal h

I'm so impressed that FIR was able to redeem themselves after fashionably late. This album is really good

3 years ago

Quetzalli Guadalupe

This song helps me soooo much 

3 years ago

Angel Cassiel

Falling in Reverse "Like O-M-GGG"Gerard Way: What?!Ronnie: Wanna go on tour?Gerard Bitchin

3 years ago

Taylor Connelly

That fucking laugh at 2:16 gets me every time hahaha

3 years ago

Citbks Offical

Awesome songThat can be related to 

3 years ago

Mia Mcnulty

This is me in school so much

3 years ago

Gisselle Vargas

I think my relay button broke

3 years ago


The Chicago suburbs in a nutshell, more or less.

3 years ago

Kiru November

2:16 love his laugh

3 years ago

Kiru November

Love this song

3 years ago

Captain Morgan

i love this Album its really good but i always live their music

3 years ago


Love Ronnie's voice and this album much more then his last but he needs to grow up with his fan base.

3 years ago

Nefertiti Taylor

Finally a song I like of the new album.

3 years ago

brandyn brown

this is how i feel

3 years ago

Joshua Balsavage

HOLY FUCK! This song!!

3 years ago

INIS_Magg0t 117

This is about me this is fucking awesome

3 years ago

Jacob Smith

Ronnie Never Disappoints. KING OF THE MUSIC SCENE INDEED!!

3 years ago

Eason Sloan

It oddly sounds like fuck the rest do you agree?

3 years ago

Sick Viibez

I feel as if this is a prequel to Tragic Magic

3 years ago

Sammie Ryan

I will never not love FIR... This is the band that started me on the road I'm on now. This album is utterly fantastic.

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