St. Vincent - Landmines video free download

Duration: 05:08
Uploaded: 2008/07/04

Annie Clark is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter who performs under the moniker St. Vincent. She was a member of The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens' touring band.


3 years ago

Deven Wagle

i am so happy.

3 years ago

Blue Tree


4 years ago


Sounds like a birth from the union of regina spektor and bjork while leona naess watches and nina persson envying from far

4 years ago

Pablo Dellepere


4 years ago


"And we'll never be landmine"" LANDMINES" - St. Lorde

5 years ago

Ralph Owen Muir

This song is one of my favorite if not my MOST FAVORITE song by Annie. She is a true genius......I think she's on the same level of Bjork, not comparing them in sound or style but, in the vibe they give off; definitely unique and always amazing.

5 years ago

Peter Kroll

Mix of Frank Zappa, Bjork, and Feist? I am sure she will hate the drawers. This is an awesome awesome song! Peter Kroll, Singapore

5 years ago

West Johnson

Ethereal beauty

5 years ago

Betsy Santos

i love this song a lot, it's one of my favourites by her i think

5 years ago

Lord Grute

if you like this song you should check out: zero 7 - distractions :)

6 years ago


Bjork wants her vocals back, I enjoyed this though

6 years ago


Everyone seems to want to compare her to someone else, and that's fine I guess, because otherwise I might not have heard of, like Mellisa Auf Der Maur or Ohbijou or Laura Marling or...(it goes on). Annie is immensely talented in a way that gets my attention, personally - I strongly identify with the emotions she addresses in her songs. However, that doesn't mean she is the best musician ever or that some other musician has to be bad or suffer in comparison.

6 years ago


Don't compare björk and annie, both are amazing.

6 years ago



6 years ago


hauntingly awesome or awesomely haunting. either way i love it.

6 years ago


"I'm crawling through landmines. I know cause I planted them undercover." I could quote this lady again and again! I'm not one who goes crazy for lyrics, but her words are in a completely different world!

6 years ago

Paul D

this song is beautiful.

6 years ago


i REALLY think it goes without saying that annie here is wayyyyy better than katy perry. katy perry makes fun, dumb pop music. Perry's production is good but that's barely got anything to do with her. As far as instrumentation and lyrics, annie is infinitely more talented. Not to mention Annie plays her own instruments and writes her own shit. I'm not bashing Perry, I actually like her, but take it for what it is: mass appeal pop music. Annie Clark/St. Vincent makes art.

6 years ago

Alicia Livingston

not comparable....

7 years ago


I hope you all realize I was making the comparison because of an old comment another youtuber left.

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