St. Vincent - Cheerleader (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 03:31
Uploaded: 2012/02/03

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From the album "Strange Mercy". Get a free download of "Cheerleader" and purchase the album at Google Music:

Directed by Hiro Murai -

Produced by Jason Baum / Bonnie Brae

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3 years ago

Melanie Guzman

Gossip girl lead me here 

3 years ago

Paulina Vergara

Cheerleader de la sutil a la energía de Anne 

3 years ago

Cliff Trainor

I *Love* *This* *Giant*. See what I did there?

3 years ago


Her beauty is UNREAL oh my goodness

3 years ago

Andreas Portou

I love all her albums so much. All of them are so original and beautiful. She's my favourite alternative artist at the moment.

3 years ago

bob steven

Saw this on gossip girl and had me hooked

3 years ago

Reyaan Shah

intro guitar sounds frighteningly like Epilogue by The Antlers.

3 years ago

Maguire Baldus


3 years ago

Janet Spencer

Is that Woody Allen on 1:05??

3 years ago

Christopher Evans

Nobody? Surely im not the only one thinking Garbage when I hear this ... Dont be so quick to reply "Garbage" the band, she reminds me of Shirley Manson

3 years ago

Andrea Bussinger

some CGI artist had a heyday with this... so good!

3 years ago

debbie willis

she's a prodigy

3 years ago

Sαкєєиα Aмαиι

Thanks gossip girl. Song is awesome

3 years ago

Piel De asno

Ya no quieroNunca quise

3 years ago


OH MY GOD love it!!

4 years ago


This with speed x2 is amazing

4 years ago

Adrián Arias Astorgano

Ron Mueck VS Alice in wonderland 

4 years ago


I miss the dark hair on her.

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