Linkin Park - Not Alone video free download

Duration: 04:23
Uploaded: 2010/02/19

Pro­duced by Ig­or Ko­va­lik and di­rect­ed by Bill Boyd. Footage cour­tesy of UN Vi­su­al Li­brary, De­partment of Pub­lic In­for­ma­tion and Ricky Mar­tin Foun­da­tion.

From the ben­e­fit com­pi­la­tion, "Down­load to Do­nate for Haiti," presented by Music for Relief.

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3 years ago



3 years ago


Truly amazing song

3 years ago


This song makes me think of Evangelion. It really is one of the most real anime (at least for me). I'm glad we have a band like Linkin Park. They know what it's like to have been to the other side. They know what it's like to really hurt and they know what it feels like to feel helpless as the rest of the world hurts.

3 years ago


Greatest band to ever live. love their humanitarian efforts

3 years ago

gyanish shrestha

Pray for nepal linkin park 

3 years ago


i guess the 1,366 "beliebers" didn't like this song :D

3 years ago


If people dislike the song, so be it; we can't force them to change their minds. Let's just ignore them and continue appreciating this music video instead of turning into hateful people ourselves, guys. The band wouldn't want us acting like this because of something so simple as a dislike. Just continue the love. 

3 years ago

Maxx Bivek

pray for nepal

3 years ago

Suleiman Bachoo

Who on Earth in his right mind would dislike this video? :/

3 years ago

gavin faciane

anyone who dislikes this would be like someone making fun of a music video of the holocaust or something

3 years ago

Zhang yuan

Not alone

3 years ago


2015. Watching this video . praying for my Nepal......

3 years ago

Kushal Lamsal

Please LP do something for NEPALESE also ..... 

3 years ago

Fer Bernal

Not alone<3

3 years ago

Jeff OH

pray for Nepal..!

3 years ago

Enzo Samojedny

Thinking about our brothers in India... Keep strong! #PrayForIndia

3 years ago

sammyj brucebiersack

How can people dislike this?

3 years ago


Beautiful song, love you LP <3

3 years ago

Maria Docuyanan

Having goosebumps at the very start of the song. Linkin Park will always be my #1 band.

3 years ago

Sherry Lynn


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