Linkin Park - Burning In The Skies (Official International Video) video free download

Duration: 04:16
Uploaded: 2011/02/22

Linkin Park "Burning In The Skies" off of the album A THOUSAND SUNS.

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3 years ago

Nathan Brown

Incredible, Linkin Park It is a sensational band. Very good pace.

3 years ago

Manish Mudhliyar

Awesome one.! Chester Bennington <3 He is really Awesome. Speechless.. 

3 years ago

Noah Castelberg

linkin park is the best band ever

3 years ago

Danik Den


3 years ago

Guss Morales

3 years ago

Geert Knol

Another amazing song by Linkin Park!

3 years ago

Dominik Ivan

DAAAAAMN !!!!! So good :))))

3 years ago


Russia. I love LP And HU.

3 years ago

Luis Daniel Ramirez Ortega

Es la musica mas chingona que eh escuchado :) ;)

3 years ago

Efren Delgado

Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

3 years ago

Nishant Sarangdhar

I Love LP from India!

3 years ago

Kenneth TJY

The Bridges meant the bond with other people.Now he lost it.

3 years ago

Cristian Aguilera

The meaning to this video to me was always really ambiguous. On the one side, I thought about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and how most of the people who died must have been normal people like us, some of them loving, some of them partying, some of them falling in love, some of them going through loneliness, or studying, you name it. Then, the city is bomb and this people, as normal as us, die, hence the phrase "the blood of innocence burning in the skies." The bombing is applied to a modern context, and now the question is, what would have happened if the bombing had occurred in a big city (Los Angeles in this case) in the United States? We Americans, and also people in many other countries, justify the bombings by saying that the Japanese had to be stopped somehow because they refused to surrender, so innocent people deserved to die in order to stop the conflict. The chorus, then, speaks of this justification when it says, "so don't apologize, I'm losing what I don't deserve," which is like asking us what would happen if a conflict like this happened in America, with people like us. Would we justify an enemy attack saying that we are losing what we don't deserve anyway?Another interpretation is more personal. We pretty much walk our lives without much of an appreciation of what we have. I would see the different people as being the same person in this video, who is first a kid, then a student, then a college-aged person who likes to party, then a more mature person in a relationship, then a family man, then we lose people and become lonely, to the point of desperation. These things do not always happen in that order, but most of them are bound to happen within our lifetimes. Through these stages, there is not much of a time when we stop and think, "This is so beautiful. This life that I have. These moments of being happy, being able to study, having friends who like to have fun with me, knowing this special person whom I love now, having formed a family - these moments are just beautiful." We don't really pause and see how great life can be, so when we lose all things, like the older Japanese man and the Caucasian woman in the restroom, we wish we had been able to hold onto these moments for a bit longer, but we didn't, hence the phrase "so don't apologize, I'm losing what I don't deserve."

3 years ago

Justin Dean Raymond

I heard this song while i was sleeping in my dream :o i dont listen to this song so much actually i love linkin park but i listen at the moment an other band . since i heard this song in my dream i love it now and listen it non stop.thank you linkin park for being in my Dreams :D

3 years ago

Cristiano Rimar

muito boa...

3 years ago

Paris Celso

3 years ago

dwi bewox


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