Linkin Park - Numb (Official Video) video free download

Duration: 03:07
Uploaded: 2007/03/05

Linkin Park "Numb" off of the album METEORA.

Directed by Joe Hahn.

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3 years ago

Graeme Cross

bizzare how they shot the video in prague

3 years ago

idris afandy85

Like it

3 years ago

Tiago Honorato

Canta muito... só eu de br aqui ?

3 years ago


12 years later, this song still kicks ass! LP FOREVER

3 years ago

José Carlos B. Feitosa

Muito bom !

3 years ago

Rip Tidewolf

personally.. i love this song and the meaning

3 years ago

Silvia Guevara

I try to sing this song good not exactly like him but so so and every time I try I can't do it I can never do anything :(

3 years ago

Cleiton Chagas

kawna martins < love you LP

3 years ago

Marika Graziano

she's the girl of step up 2 omg

3 years ago

RandomPlays Dk

when i was 5 my brother seen hear this and finally i found it i liked and i sub and i added to facourite finally! i have been go after this 5 years!

3 years ago

Sidd Sen

Battling Depression right now, I can see why this song is so incredibly popular and how it is, arguably, LP's best song till date.It captures so effortlessly the struggle of simply living when you are depressed...the sadness that eats you, the rage that goes unexpressed. And how you have to constantly occupy yourself in some demanding activity which you enjoy doing...simply because your mind does not get the chance to dwell on things unpleasant. It captures the darkness of your mood, the way time seems to flow on but you seem rooted in a single, agonizing spot.But, it also has a message. Of hope. That single quality of a human being that has made us capable of climbing Everest's : Our Will. Because, even though... I become so Numb...I just want to be more like me(A happy, content, accomplished individual)...and less like you(A sad replica of a human without any reason to call life her own.)And in these words, I find the strength to get better. And I know I may end up failing, but I know if I don't try, I'll end up like someone just like me but disappointed in me.Sorry, If I didn't make any sense. And forever love you, LP, for this wonderful creation.

3 years ago


Never gets old..... This song

3 years ago

Miguel Pilamunga

"All I want to doIs be more like meAnd be less like you.."

3 years ago

Crista Sullo

"All I want to doIs be more like meAnd be less like you.."

3 years ago

Erza Bleach

es ist cool

3 years ago

O mago do norte

Que daora

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