C.W. McCall - Night Rider video free download

Duration: 02:44
Uploaded: 2010/01/23

C.W. McCall

Wolf Creek Pass (1975)

1. Wolf Creek Pass

2. Night Rider

3. Classified

4. Old 30

5. I've Trucked All Over This Land

6. Four Wheel Drive

7. Rocky Mountain September

8. Old Home Filler Up and Keep On Truckin' Café

9. Sloan

10. Glenwood Canyon


4 years ago

Gary Comstock

does anyone know how to save this to put it on an iPhone???? iTunes doesn't offer the song!!

6 years ago

David Roberts

Soon as he dropped the first verse I thought "this sounds like a rap flow!". Props Walmartian!

6 years ago


u need a night light too?

6 years ago

Jeff Stalnaker

Always a good song. Does anyone have C.W. McCall's song Pine Tar Wars?

7 years ago


before there were white rappers the was cw

7 years ago

Paul Peck

I like this song. I've always enjoyed C.W. I had him autograph a CD for me last year. he is a very down to earth guy.

8 years ago


Many of nights like this... WILDCARD will be on the side

8 years ago


Can Any One Post Camp Bird Mine, And Pine Tar Wars By Cw. These Are Great Songs And No One Has Posted Them Thanks?

8 years ago


Ahhhh, convoy rap, love it!

8 years ago

John T

this song is so true .this is what you fell like when you are tired and you have keep pushing on .

8 years ago


My dad would play this song on an 8-track when I was 4 or 5. I remember it scare me so bad that I couldn't sleep.

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