C.W. McCall - Sloan video free download

Duration: 03:17
Uploaded: 2010/01/23

C.W. McCall

Wolf Creek Pass (1975)

1. Wolf Creek Pass

2. Night Rider

3. Classified

4. Old 30

5. I've Trucked All Over This Land

6. Four Wheel Drive

7. Rocky Mountain September

8. Old Home Filler Up and Keep On Truckin' Café

9. Sloan

10. Glenwood Canyon


4 years ago

John Mccracken

Aaahhhh!!! I used to listen to this with my dad. Old Sloan was my absolute favorite. I must've been 5 or 6. Sadly he passed in 1979. And I kinda forgot about it. Until now. Thank you for taking me back!!

4 years ago


Sloane! Ha! Excellent!! Thanks for the flashback!!!

5 years ago


I've been truckin' for nigh on forty years, I never get tired of listening to CW McCall,

5 years ago

Aaron Appleton

Still a better love story than Twilight

7 years ago


I live in Pisgah.

7 years ago

miss Calvin

I live in Sloan

7 years ago

Sorren Peak

THis guy has the best songs ever. I can close my eyes and perfectly imagine what's happening.

7 years ago

rusty barrows


7 years ago

rusty barrows

great song i have a pom ,they are vgood dogs.

8 years ago

Lynne Collett

I never even heard of this song until now.

8 years ago


living in iowa close around these areas where alot of these songs were written about , gives awesome memories of these songs, they will never die !!

8 years ago


Thanks for the good-quality recordings, madgab! "Sloan" is one of the gems that never got digitized, as far as I know.

9 years ago


Any one who wants to send a card or letter to Bill (CW McCall) his address is Bill Fries P.O. Box E Ouray, CO 81427 He was born November 15, 1928 I talked to him a month ago and he still sounds good. Send him a Birthday card or Christmas card to let him know we still care.

9 years ago


You rule, Sir.

9 years ago

David Kelley

Just awesome

9 years ago


when I was little we had a dog named Sloan after this song.

9 years ago


awesome song, and thanks for putting it on youtube!

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