C.W. McCall - Glenwood Canyon video free download

Duration: 03:22
Uploaded: 2010/01/23

C.W. McCall

Wolf Creek Pass (1975)

1. Wolf Creek Pass

2. Night Rider

3. Classified

4. Old 30

5. I've Trucked All Over This Land

6. Four Wheel Drive

7. Rocky Mountain September

8. Old Home Filler Up and Keep On Truckin' Café

9. Sloan

10. Glenwood Canyon


4 years ago

Raymond Kline

Good tune, with some meaning to me as I've got runnin' Rt. 30 and 66 on my bucket list.

5 years ago

Bruce Padget

The musicians went on to form Mannheim Steamroller, and you can really hear it here.

6 years ago

Winston Posters

Glenwood Canyon ,What a beautiful dynamic song ,anyone that digs C.W McCall music knows he is much bigger that rubber ducky truckin' music.( C.W McCall ) Bill Fries has Such a powerful country telling voice. 

8 years ago


The Remake of this Song On His Hard To Find Cd Called The Real McCall is FANTASTIC, even Better Than The Original.Camp Bird Mine And Comin' Back For More Are FANTASTIC As Well.Also The Silverton and Night Rider And There Won't Be No More Country Music Are Classics As Well.Also A Hard To Find song Called Pine Tar Wars is Great, and Of Coarse Round The World With The Rubber Duck.These Are My Favorite Cw Tunes.

8 years ago


@user208351 im going to send him a letter, is he still there at the address?

9 years ago


Any one who wants to send a card or letter to Bill (CW McCall) his address is Bill Fries P.O. Box E Ouray, CO 81427 He was born November 15, 1928 I talked to him a month ago and he still sounds good. Send him a Birthday card or Christmas card to let him know we still care.

9 years ago


My family's got a lot of good memories that include Ouray, CO (and the mountains and 4-wheel-drive trails surrounding Ouray), and C.W. McCall fits right in with those memories. I can remember listening to a cassette we had by C.W. McCall simply titled "Colorado." Kind of a greatest hits compilation, but al the songs on it were gems! Yes, this one was one of the tracks on the cassette.

9 years ago



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