X Factor 2008 Semi-Final: Alexandra Burke - Unbreak My Heart: Full HD video free download

Duration: 04:55
Uploaded: 2008/12/07

High quality video (not from ITV site).

Semi-Final: With another emotional song, Alexandra is after your votes. However, she's chosen an incredibly difficult song to sing - Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart. If she doesn't pull this off - she'll be in danger. Can she deliver?


3 years ago

Speedy Comet16


4 years ago

Raffaele Bellopede

veramente all'altezza dell'originale

4 years ago


You might listen this song in the Ruth Lorenzo voice, you lost her. It is not made flowers for ........any.Alexandra is good, but Ruth was the best, and she was kicked the 5th, lol......morons. She was a gift for you although she was so kind to show herself as if to be there was a gift for her, the truth was the real gift was SHE. Lesson: do not give gifts to whom are not going to appreciate them.

4 years ago

alison Thea

I went to tears after watching. So touching.

4 years ago

sevgi ocean

sing better than anyone, so emotional, genuine and with a perfect deep voice 

4 years ago

Diki Lin

Wow...Amazing... What a Golden Voice after Toni....each has their calibre but both are Equally Good....Bravo...Alexandre...love you...my Ovations for you....Muuuuack...

4 years ago

Mark Harrop

I think Alexandra is so good at singing and that she is as good as Leona Lewis and she totally deserved to win x x factor 

4 years ago


yes girl SANGGGG

4 years ago


Nobody can beat Toni's vocals on this one, but Alexandra performed it a lot better - when I look at Toni's facial expressions when singing this song, she doesn't look broken at all and even ends it with a "woo!" which doesn't seem appropriate. Alex actually looks like she means what she sings.

4 years ago

misa jemsa

i like this a lot voice of Angel

5 years ago

Ryan Jamarr

when there's classic song like this, you should never sing it....especially if you dont plan on SLAYING TO ABSOLUTE CAPACITY! however, i love her!

5 years ago

Nadi Ficdi

A million miles away from Tony...sorry

5 years ago

martin Mimi

Yes she can sing. But no one will ever do it better like Toni, the legend with her sweet, groovy, deep and warm voice ....But it was the nicest try i have heard so far though.

5 years ago

wlademir thomaz

Shes a great singer! What a voice!! But i cannot imagine nobody singing this song but Toni!!

5 years ago

Nil Moura

ela e de masssssssssssssss nossa nossa

5 years ago

Ann Rain

She's a star!

5 years ago

Ejb Jeanbaptiste

Wow, heavenly blessing, voice of an angel

5 years ago

Luis Alexander

Cantada con sentimiento, muy bien

5 years ago

Kevin Cole

god, what is cheryls vocals got to do with alex's vocal? shut up.

5 years ago

Ricardo Lopes

Como canta quero condo eu for por céu esteja cantando na minha chegada beiros

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