Townes Van Zandt - Who Do You Love video free download

Duration: 04:03
Uploaded: 2008/11/13

'78 Flying Shoes, Who Do You Love, Townes Van Zandt


3 years ago

Marius bkf

Townes Van Zandt - Who Do You Love

5 years ago

melinda greer

baaaad production, i'd rather "fabulous t-birds" version then this over pro-duced

6 years ago

Jack Maurice

well you dont know what townes van zandt sounds like then, friend.................

6 years ago


First time I've heard it, I like it.

7 years ago

Lukas Doe

That really doesn´t sound like Townes Van Zandt...

7 years ago


@glynnth no he did not my friend

7 years ago


@thenewhampshirite <-yes, excellent documentary

7 years ago


@TheEndKing It wasn't his idea, it was his producer. He ruined a bunch of good Townes albums by over producing them. The producer also didn't release one album for 20 years and another that never went past a rough cut, which had some of his best songs on it. Check out the documentary on Hulu called "Be here to love me." Townes really got deal a bad hand...

7 years ago


Goddammit, Townes, you and your covering up your playing...didn't you understand, you were best when it was just you and a guitar?

8 years ago


I like the live version better. Anyone know chords??

9 years ago


Bo Diddley

9 years ago


Did Townes write this song??

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