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You're wakin' next to me

Tears splash across the sun

You whisper soft to me

That I ain't the only one

To breathe your yellow hair

Caress your bosom fair

Do you think I really care?

Do you think it matters?

What do your feelin's mean?

Do you think I'd love more

If you stood pure and clean?

Of those you'd known before

Would your words be sweeter then

Upon November's wind

If you began again

Could your smile be softer?

Would your eyes more brightly shine?

Would your laughter be so tender

If you'd been only mine

For as long as you remember?

I don't want tears from you

Don't build your love on shame

All what we've done is through

And all we can do remains

My lady can't you see

I love not jealously?

But for all you are to me

And all you'll be tomorrow

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3 years ago

Laura Lenbachova

love it...´╗┐

3 years ago


Listen to this as the first song in a trilogy. Traveling singer meets girl (second lovers song) Singers stays with girl (I'll be here in the morning) and singer moves on to another town.(none but the rain) ............ all great songs´╗┐

4 years ago

Lupe Vera

Wow!!!! Touched my heart!!!

4 years ago

Ben S Hammonds

wow, first time I heard this one

5 years ago

your problem child

The one who disliked probably did it because the song finished.

5 years ago

Jan van den meerssche

Goosebumps,time and time again

5 years ago


Damn,, this man is a treasure trove..

5 years ago


"I don't usually like country or folk music"...if you're listening to Townes Van Zandt, you're listenin' to every country/folk song ever written or ever to be written...

5 years ago



5 years ago


I don't usually like country or folk music, but I'm making an exception for Townes Van Zandt...

5 years ago

Sublime Music Channel

Dude, where's the "Love" button? In the meantime, thanks for posting.

6 years ago


Astounding all end up from songwriting , the production , the strings the lot <3

6 years ago

Jonathan Michael

Thank you for posting this, maxadis.

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