Townes Van Zandt - Only Him Or Me video free download

Duration: 02:48
Uploaded: 2010/12/24

From the Anthology - 1968 - 1979


3 years ago

Ryne Pittman

I somehow arrived here thanks to The Dude... ;)

5 years ago

Mick Crystalid

So here's to feeling good and here's to feeling bad. Fucking ace. Bless him.

7 years ago


You who were with me at the ships at mylae - that corpse you planted last year in your garden - has it begun to sprout? or has the sudden frost disturbed its bed? o keep the dog far hence that's friend to men, or with his nails he'll dig it up again. You - hypocrite lecteur! - mon sembable! - mon frere! i.e. to you who were with me when we found the butterflies and throughout that spring rain 2007

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