The Pretty Reckless - Prisoner (Audio) video free download

Duration: 03:01
Uploaded: 2016/09/30

The Pretty Reckless - Prisoner

From the album Who You Selling For - available October 21

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1 year ago

Lizanne Leonard

sweet jeezoh this album kicks ass can't wait to hear it live on January in glasgow you guys rock xxx

1 year ago

Mist 2.0

Best Album !!!!!! i love it

1 year ago

Telecaster Man

I love this album :)

1 year ago

Rachelle Giroux

Im a little dissappinted with this album ... Too repetitive and slow , nothing gets me like going to hell did , i only enjoy take me down on this album :(

1 year ago

Beatriz Antun

puta merda, que album maravilhoso

1 year ago

Samuel D'Atri

Yaaaaas queen!!

1 year ago

Erica Bass

Sounds a lot like Dorothy ... absolutely love it but it's not TPR =/

1 year ago

Daniel Rankin

I've seen Taylor and her puppets many times live! I no longer listen to this music because I DONT WANT TO BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY

1 year ago


Getting away with the blues progression, GREAT!

1 year ago

John Patterson

you are property of the government. see through their lies and what they dont tell you. great song. deep meaning

1 year ago

May Yara

This song is boring. =/

1 year ago

veronica betancur

cant wait to buy the album, they've been doing great

1 year ago

Vigilant Muslim

Please tell me is there any way for me to get a free album i live for their songs i waited so long!

1 year ago

Gina DeLange

Im so stoked to see them on the 23rd this Sunday! I cant wait to listen to the whole album!! hell yessss

1 year ago

Wonderland Dreamer


1 year ago

Michel JAY

Well, it's different... not exactly whatt I was expecting from them but at least they don't repeat the same formula again and again O^O

1 year ago

violet_bruise 1709

hell yas

1 year ago


but does it djent?

1 year ago


Anyone else hearing the Jack White influence?

1 year ago

gabriel vinicius Oliveira

the punchiest riff i have heard in years

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