The Pretty Reckless - Take Me Down (Official Music Video) video free download

Duration: 04:18
Uploaded: 2016/09/29

The Pretty Reckless - "Take Me Down"

From the album Who You Selling For



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Dir: Meiert Avis

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Been waitin at these crossroads

Forever and a day

On a guy to buy my soul

I spend all night and day

How much harder can I play

You know I gave my life to Rock n' Roll

Here we go

Momma begged me please

Yes she got down on her knees

Said 'You'll burn in that Mississippi sun'

But I'm the only one that's standing here

So Mama don't you have no fear

I’m either last or I've already won..

Here I go

Take me down

(won't you)

Standing at the crossroads

A dried up pen in hand

The conversation went like this

'Tell me your desire…why you pulled me from the fire

and we'll seal the deal with a kiss'

said 'I wanna raise the dead

Find a note that I can shred

On my walls I scrawl my gods

Don't care what happens when I die

As long as I'm alive

All I wanna do is Rock'

Take me down

(won't you)

Sign with the devil

Take me down

(won't you)

Music video by The Pretty Reckless performing Take Me Down. (C) 2016 Goin' Down, Inc. Under exclusive license to Razor & Tie Recordings. Marketed by Razor & Tie Recordings. Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.


1 year ago

Grace Lim

My supernatural senses are tingling

1 year ago


I am obsessed with her vocals!!!! So good!!! This video is well done too! Love the contrasts used.

1 year ago


Anyone else think it sounds like Sympathy for the Devil?

1 year ago

Teresa Stevens

This band is the best thing to happen in rock and rock roll in many years the entire music cd whatever you call it is amazing

1 year ago

Justin Bellini

This album definitely isn't as 'hard' as the last one....but fuck me if I haven't listened to this song about 700 times now.

1 year ago

Thiago Brisola

hi my name is Thiago sign up no my channel

1 year ago

Guerin Christian

Pas mal, j'aime. Cependant les refrains ne sont pas assez aboutis, c'est dommage. Le solo de guitare me laisse aussi sur ma faim. Par contre le travail à la batterie est excellent. Il n'en reste pas moins qu'au final on a une bonne chanson Rock.

1 year ago

Madi Malley

Why does the the chorus sound like Hannah Montana's Pumpin' up the party???

1 year ago


What genre is this?

1 year ago

Jody Howe

Glad to see a young woman finally pick up the mike that Benatar dropped 20+ years ago! This band makes me feel like a kid again!

1 year ago

Bruc Lee

my dog came to me when i started this song

1 year ago

Jason Lesnock

Love this song! Blends of the 80s hair bands. Came on the radio after a crappy day of work. Cranked it up and my right foot was glued to the floor. Never knew my Grand Cherokee had balls lol Made me feel 20 years younger, before I gave a shit. Ugh back to work......

1 year ago

Witness Me

They now sound like a female-fronted Audioslave. This is a good thing.

1 year ago

Anjaleina Johnson

The lyrics remind me of supernatural

1 year ago

jason Robison

problably could mash tjis up with Rolling stones, i love her, i love this band.

1 year ago


Brilliant! more please! channeling the stones? not a bad thing with all of today's autotuned trash!

1 year ago

Diana Abdagic

I immediately thought of Supernatural :P

1 year ago

Zachary Vargas

is Frank Miller or Robert Rodriguez the director of this mv?

1 year ago

Moestories X

My bae

1 year ago

Shivani P

Why does this song sound like Pumpin' up the party by Hannah Montana

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