Mariah Carey - Infinity (Lyric Video) video free download

Duration: 04:01
Uploaded: 2015/04/27

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The release of #1 to Infinity, timed to Mariah's #1's residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, features, for the first time in one package, all 18 chart-toppers from her years on Columbia and Island/Def Jam Records, as well as a newly-recorded song for Epic Records. The album features Mariah's best, including upbeat dance tracks ("Emotions," "Fantasy") to soaring ballads ("I'll Be There," "Hero") and her unprecedented back-to-back Billboard's Song of the Decade ("One Sweet Day," "We Belong Together").

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4 years ago

Heckleback HeckleBack

WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW ***PHOTO THOT*** damnnnnnn you ***mad bruh** **y u mad bruh** kanye west n vic talking about mariah carey 

4 years ago

Pink Summer

This is the perfect song to her 25 year career...Just love this...

4 years ago

Diane Hawkins

The beat is on boom

4 years ago

Taylor Ashley

This comparing Mariah to Ariana is getting sooo annoying. Can everyone just stop and enjoy each artist as they are! 

4 years ago

yuderka luna

je ne comprend pas ......i dont understand ....why?

4 years ago


#Chyna #LoveMix 

4 years ago

Celideth Perez


4 years ago

MAY Latifa

BRAAAAAH I LOVE THIS FUCKING SONG, SO CATCHY, COOL, NOT TOO MUCH, !! I need this while im on facebook ! She still rocks !

4 years ago

WarNesha Crawford

Oh ahOh ahOh ahOh ahhOh ahOh ahOh ahhhWhy you mad talking bout you mad Could it be that you just lost the best you've ever had that's your bag yep that's too bad✨

4 years ago

Gustavo Gomes

here in Brazil listening to infinity

4 years ago

Frank t.garetta

A one shit people used to tell me through this song. He said he is the best? i think Mariah have to cry when she know that. hahahaaaa ;pp

4 years ago

Kylo Ren

This is still confusing me to this day. Is she black or white that got sun tanned?

4 years ago

Mz.mimibarbie Williams

I love this song all ways loved her voice a true diva

4 years ago

Gary Hopper

Yes she is singing about Nick

4 years ago

Harmoney Hull

I love that song

4 years ago

Anand Patel

Mariah is still one of the greatest songwriters of our generation. Songs like Close My Eyes and Looking In and lyrical masterpieces.

4 years ago

Jermesha Johnson

Now i can see why this Lyric video has more viewers then her actually music video because you idiots don't even know she has a music video

4 years ago

priscilla darling


4 years ago

Gee H

I love this song I dont care if they say she cant sing anymore this song is poppin. Love it. love it love it.

4 years ago


She may not hit as high as she used to, but she still did it and it sounds great! It might sound different, but it still good!

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