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Uploaded: 2015/06/02

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The release of #1 to Infinity, timed to Mariah's #1's residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas features, for the first time in one package, all 18 chart-toppers from her years on Columbia and Island/Def Jam Records, as well as a newly-recorded song for Epic Records. The album features Mariah's best, including upbeat dance tracks ("Emotions," "Fantasy") to soaring ballads ("I'll Be There," "Hero") and her unprecedented back-to-back Billboard's Song of the Decade ("One Sweet Day," "We Belong Together").

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4 years ago



4 years ago

Joella Berkovis

Was there any marketing done for this song? 

4 years ago


Urgh whatever happened to passion for music? I hate when the music business seeks the "lifestyle" and hype of it. This has nothing to do with loving music, it all feels like "I hope this song makes me relevant and famous, and current". I love when music makes you feel like it was written out of pure love for that art, and to make people feel smthg. Whereas this to me is so terrible. Look at how I LOOK, look at my fancy make up, look at the fancy clothes in my closet, look at how people love me at my gigantic concerts, look at how I can make a "hit"! Urgh, pls "artists" do music for music...

4 years ago

Keke Rahman

Is it me or does she remind you of Wendy Williams a little bit ? 

4 years ago

Veronique Lechat

C'est quoi cette merde ,et puis la voix ce n'est pas la sienne 

4 years ago

lheeyo murillo

Im a huge fan of mariah, but i only love the last part.. Love me more and more part???

4 years ago


What a waste of talent. =( Poor mariah. RIP.

4 years ago

Victorian Babe


4 years ago

MiTo Music

So now you see people, this is what happens when you turn into a Diva. You end up being miserable, solitary and no one remembers you. Think it twice before getting all the money you want.

4 years ago


she's everything.

4 years ago

Gemma Gutierrez

Mariah has already proven her extraordinary talent to the world. Even if she failed to impress much of you now, it's not the case anymore. Many today are building a legacy but she, she already had it before. Still, I love Mariah Carey. I just got annoyed with this music video, the song is nice, but not like Mariah's styles before.

4 years ago

MariahVEVO Carey


4 years ago

Michie Oo

I like this song... #yougomimi

4 years ago


what a coincidence, both actor she end up with in the music video -infinity & we belong together is gay in real life, XD, Saying this because both music video required Mimi to choose a guy to be with in the end.

4 years ago

Anaïs Abdessatar

She is just whoa I love her so much, she means a lot to me, her voice is just inreal she is the vocalist of all time ! just one word of her mouth slays vocals of 2015's singers

4 years ago

Talia Olivier

Damn well know Mariah Carey don't have one of them Sony phones

4 years ago


No matter what happens , no matter how ppl hates her.. I will always love her till the end 

4 years ago

right by my side

Mariah Carey is like so over... for all her lambs, look her song and video has been out for like 2 weeks and has less than 4 million views and is no where played on any radio station, how sad, lol... just proves that no one cares or listen to Mariah Carey songs or videos.... Now go see Jennifer Lopez New video and how many millions of views it has in the first day or 2 and j-Lo music is played all over the radio and in every major club.... and jennifer Lopez is hot as hell... Mariah Carey us fat or just plain big boned with fat cheeks and no ass and her stupid favorite oh darling attitude.... how funny... this song and video is a flop and I am happy it is

4 years ago

Suh Pyyh

After 5 years of marriage mariah and nick really split up...what a dumb decision and over stupid reasons that can be worked out easily...but its pride that is killing them...they already have 2 kids & now their going to be the once to suffer not having their mom & dad their together loving them like they should...i really hope them two see how stupid childish and irresponsible they seem...nick finally had his dream girl and he let her go..all this time you've put up with her & now you're gonna give up...mariah obviously loves you you could even see it in her music that she's really saying come back..and you with all your jokes about no that it hurts inside nog being with're making all these jokes because you're trying to cope with it..& really want her to forgive you inside...bruh try show some humility and be the one to lose all that pride & get your dream girl back...cause in the end you're hurting your kids your wife & yourself..try pray about it & ask GOD to give you her back... No matter how much woman wants you out there when you're with them you'll always remember mariah and the same goes to her as well im really not happy with how yall two are acting..Please bruh go back to your wife

4 years ago

Pavel Paulinich

Love the song!

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