Corey Taylor acoustic cover of Pearl Jam - Black video free download

Duration: 04:35
Uploaded: 2011/07/26

Corey Taylor's acoustic cover of Pearl Jam - Black at HMV Institute Birmingham on 13 July 2011.


4 years ago

Tor Magne Storfjord

1mm0rtal: haven't you heard his other band Stone Sour, since you didn't know he could sing normally too? I recommend checking it out. Some great songs of that band! :)

5 years ago

Miguel Anaya

i love this, how great

5 years ago

Dima Guitar

very very good!

5 years ago

n Calzolaio

The only thing I got from this cover is that he knows Pearl Jam is that awesome that he needs to try and cover one of their songs.

5 years ago

Razor Jack

eh... no where as near as good as the Aaron Lewis version

5 years ago

Tommy Walker

aaron lewis did it better

5 years ago


While I prefer Eddie, it's his song after all, that was a really good cover.

5 years ago

Melanie Little

Jesussss...this is fabulous!!

5 years ago


I still think Corey Taylor did the best Lay e Staley covers ever, I can listen to him do covers all day and not find them jrritatating!, 

5 years ago

cherylmarie 1205

Okay, I'm a very big fan of Eddie Vedder; I had to listen to this over; Its okay, the more I listened the better. But, Hey-Eddie!

5 years ago

Corey Windom

something something something..eddie veddar some thing else and something else corey taylor something thing version something........that is what every comment on here is saying

5 years ago

Marco Leccese

And I'm sure Eddie can't cover a slipknot song so shut up and just enjoy it ppl

5 years ago

ethano rawlinsino

Wait can anyone else see eddie vedder written in the title exactly he's not going to sound like eddie vedder so please shut the fuck up

5 years ago


So slipknot guy can sing like a normal person........ wow, thats cool

5 years ago

Ryan H

Just a generalization. No Corey Taylor can not sing like Eddie Veddar but he has one of those voices that can't be replaced and never will be. but in all Corey Taylor did an amazing job and he himself has a truly amazing voice and range and seriosuly who else can sing Scoop-Doo Like he can what I am trying to say is you cant compare two legendary voices.

5 years ago

Jason B

Should stick to his own shitty music and not ruin someone elses. 

5 years ago

ernie cox

aaron lewis kills this song.......he gets as close to eddies emotion into the song as anyone can hope to achieve

5 years ago

Tom Lott

Aaron lewis covers this song way better. Still gotta respect Corey though 

5 years ago

Bruney melo

I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star (8)

5 years ago


Hey, do you guys know if it's the normal tuning? Or what the chords are?

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