Conway Twitty - The Rose video free download

Duration: 03:32
Uploaded: 2012/01/29

The prettest version of this song anywhere !!


3 years ago

Elizabeth Carter

A Beautiful Song of Coway Twitty. Whom passed away way too soon.But he left behide a lot of Memorys and Songs

3 years ago

daphne willeby

I do hate you.

3 years ago

ed lane

The way you sang the rose....can really. Touch. The soul

3 years ago

francis partridge

Dixie chick

4 years ago

James edwards

good song

4 years ago


Wonderful job on the video! Beautiful

4 years ago

Egon Spengler

Sheila DeGraves  was the most amazing, loving, caring person I ever knew and this song makes me think of her every time I hear it. Sheila I miss you so much...

4 years ago

David Payton

I'm working on a poem and it's so completely emotionally overwhelming in a good way. anyhow it made me think of this song. I'm taking a break from writing it to gain my emotional strength back. lol. I'm strong enough, I just need to be lucky enough ;)

5 years ago


right on!!!!

7 years ago

Linda H

Wow! I always like Conway Twitty, ever since he sang "Linda On My Mind" brings back memories.

7 years ago

Sherrill Wallace

I agree. The prettest version of all. ***** Sherrill

7 years ago

Gwen Weaver

Hello! I must commend you in making this video. The voice Conway has is perfect for this song. The pictures go perfectly. I hope you make another video soon. Thank you for sharing with me. God Bless You, Gwen

7 years ago

John Fender

One oof the Best songs that "The Best Friend Country Music Ever Had" CON-WAY TWITTY

7 years ago


Great video!!

7 years ago


Beautiful......Always loved Conway and Loretta. Wish country music was still as it used to be.

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