Conway Twitty - Somebody's Needing Somebody video free download

Duration: 03:52
Uploaded: 2011/09/20

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3 years ago

Jorge Jose Dacosta

Rest In Peace Conway Twitty and i love this song, i was 12 when i first heard it.

4 years ago

Carol Griego

Love the song, and yes there's got 2 be

4 years ago


one his best songs number 1 song too and nice video too brings back memories of iowa lakes community college

4 years ago

Marie Harrison

we all need somebody

4 years ago

Angie Simmons

....yeah, there's got 2b somebody!! 

4 years ago


Funny thing - the words about it being a quarter to 3..a clock is presented..but it's not showing a quarter to 3 - its showing a quarter past 9...

4 years ago

Skyhawk 442

This guy had some many good songs. RIP Conway

4 years ago


The Way I Do...?????

4 years ago

Amanda Chambers

Love this beautiful song...

4 years ago

D Kirk

playin this for momma she wanted to hear some great conway 

4 years ago

Susan Register

Y'all are so right about him and his songs . Amazing what he does and still going on till this day.even when others singers singing it or remaking the song he done , but we know who's the amazing singer is.. ;) I didn't know who or anything about him, till my mother inlaw was listening to his song, hello darling . Thank you mom.. or thank you Gail register you bunches 

4 years ago

The Darci 13

Makes one's heart ache........

4 years ago


excellent, as always. gotta get me conway fix, he's is how it's done kids. perfection, and a legendary Singer/SongWriter. and He truly is Missed... COA ...

4 years ago

alita pierce

R.I.P. conway your still the man.

5 years ago

Rita Kennedy

great song

5 years ago


yes I'm feeling it

5 years ago

Jonathan Walker

I'm feelin it...Anyone else?

6 years ago

Dave Wollenberg

Conway sure sounded like a Britisher on this song, the way he dropped his r's, when he sang.

6 years ago

Jon Harrison

Right now that Somebody is Me.

6 years ago

Jamie Simpson

This song is the story of my life right there anyone out there who is feeling it too?

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