Conor Maynard - Ellie Goulding / Miley Cyrus / Drake Medley video free download

Duration: 04:26
Uploaded: 2013/09/27

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Yoooo, so basically I absolutely love these song's, so yeh... thought i would cover them!

Hope you enjoy x


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3 years ago

Julian Hess

You will probably never read this. But your music/voice/talent has completely changed my way of thinking. The way that you put your heart and soul in what you sings sets you miles above any other artists (in my opinion) Thank you for making these covers available to the public. I listen to them everyday,Stay awesome and keep sharing your talent with the world. Oh and big ups to you for doing melodies with friends and empowering them to be better. Thank you again.

3 years ago

Noah Paige

The beginning sounds like the chords to Panda Eyes- Highscore

3 years ago

Bonny Chung

I love how he sang this medley, Conor should definitely do more of these!

3 years ago

Haley Doss

Please covers any song by the weekend. I sing to wish we lived closer we could collaborate

3 years ago


2015 still listening

3 years ago

Pati Garcia Abad

fall for you or say something

3 years ago


You´re amazing ! here a mayniac from Spain !!! I love you , you can sing i´m yours - Jason Mratz

3 years ago

Nilesh Rana

Amazing Conor. Mate your acoustic songs are amazing. Keep it matey. Well done. 

3 years ago

Rachel B


3 years ago

David Enriquez

You should do "Crush" by Charlie Boy??!?! 

3 years ago

Kyra Tran

just give me a reson-pink

3 years ago

NerdyGurls Foreves

I think talking body by trov lo

3 years ago

Emily Zimmerman

His voice is crazy awesome

3 years ago

Annie Rosenberger

I've got the perfect combo, get ready: Human, jar of hearts (christina perri), beautiful pain (eminem/sia). BOOM

3 years ago

Jessica Villanueva

Goodness...Did anyone else's heart stop?

3 years ago

chase harris

Cover "flicka da wrist"

3 years ago

Sarah Sanchez

You should go on the voice. You would win. You have such an amazing voice. I wish all the songs on my iPod was you singing because truth be told, your take on everyone else's song is better. :-)

3 years ago

James Clark

That was really good connor. Didnt kno ur voice is that good

3 years ago

Sid Xxx

take me to church by hoizer

3 years ago



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