Don't You Worry Child - Conor Maynard (Cover) video free download

Duration: 03:10
Uploaded: 2013/01/09

Hey Mayniacs, check out my cover of Swedish House Mafia's 'Don't You Worry Child'. One of my fav tunes, so thought I'd cover it! NEW ALBUM AVAILABLE HERE - !!

This song is taken from my ANIMAL EP

So i uploaded this to celebrate the release of my album 'Contrast' in the U.S.!! So if you enjoy this cover please make sure you go and grab a copy of my album :)

I'm a massive fan of this song, so i hope you enjoy my interpretation!

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Inabeeeze x

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3 years ago

faith mcmanaway

I love how into it you were <3

3 years ago

faith mcmanaway

amazing cover!!!!!!!! good job

3 years ago

Raquel Andrade

more cover videos

3 years ago

HaleyPaige Yavorskikeim

Hey do you think we could part of your cover! So soothing and beautiful

3 years ago

Haley Flaiva-Marie

Hey we are doing a apocalyptic film I was wondering if we could use some of your song? It's amazing!

3 years ago

Emma Horanpayne

3 years ago


Oh gosh you are amazingggggI sleep when i here Your voice you have a lot of sensations.

3 years ago

Gip Moontika

U rly make a good cover! I love ur voice :D

3 years ago

Ha Vo


3 years ago

Jade Collie

His voice is amazing

3 years ago

Andrea Danko

My goodness...he has the voice of an angel. He can sing me to sleep any night :) :)

3 years ago

Derya Inal

I love his voice so much !!

3 years ago

Simon Kelly

wow amazing *_*

3 years ago

Esmee Ruis

This is probably the best cover of this song that I have ever heard !you sing it so beautiful and there is something in your voice I can't place but it sounds so nice. I like it

3 years ago

Zacky Darmian

Great bruh

3 years ago

Nina Yates


3 years ago

Neena Phatthavong


3 years ago

Shawn Shin

He has Conan O'Brien's hair

3 years ago

Jasmine Young

Conor, you are so amazing and your voice is so angelic

3 years ago

Wendy Cano

Keep working it Conor- a true talent. Keep your chops up and take care of your chords (vocal). Rock on my brotha

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