Duration: 03:02
Uploaded: 2013/04/04

New album SUCKER available now in the US/CA (Jan 26 in UK/Europe).

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Directed by Ryan Andrews


3 years ago


Soo what kind of music what you consider hers?

3 years ago

Rosemary Flowergren Swagger

no fair how can she stay under water a long time -.- im so fusterated right now at my self but she gets to stay so shes lucky :) :T

3 years ago

Italo Carneiro

A Allie X tá nesse video?

3 years ago

cas kuchta

the aesthetic is too much to handle. haha

3 years ago

Hilary Moseley

Miss this charli so much :(

3 years ago

Markith Harris

this video is what I like /why I love youtube

3 years ago

Gabriel Seixas


3 years ago

James Alvarado

and in words not a song

3 years ago

James Alvarado

I don't know why women have to lie if you like a guy just tell him don't be scared that's love it's better to have loved and lost than never loved at all

3 years ago

Jennifer Ramirez

Retro baby

3 years ago

Chan Baek

The songs on Sucker are catchy but True Romance is just unlike anything I've heard, I miss this Charli I feel like this was her true nature.

3 years ago

Angelica Lloyd


3 years ago

yoyo yaya

this song should have met the success of boom clap. like the fact is simple (no overbeat)

3 years ago

Ernie G

This shit is dope af

3 years ago

Dakhari Bonner

It feels so tumblr

3 years ago

Agnija Shy

I'm reading last comments and all write about how "True Romance" is better than "Sucker". I think the real fans will love their favourite singer and what she does but all write about how she is popular now and this not cool. I love Charlie and I like her music. I hope she always will be on her different way of music. P.S. Sorry for my English! :)

3 years ago

Arkadiusz Lenart

wtf he was and IST very good singerin,why ppl you cry with no reason

3 years ago

Alejandro Vera

this is charli xcxthis is the real charli xcx

3 years ago

Sky Ferreira

Sad boys be like

3 years ago

Karen Hernandez

she should do more stuff like this

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