Charli XCX - You (Ha Ha Ha) [Official Video] video free download

Duration: 03:09
Uploaded: 2013/01/10

New album SUCKER available now in the US/CA (Jan 26 in UK/Europe).

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Directed by Ryan Andrews


3 years ago

chase p.

good job staling a good song now can you give gold panda his beat back now or is a new artist going to use this too

3 years ago



3 years ago

Ciara Lee Yow

she stole the beat from a song called you by gold panda

3 years ago

beat Sneka

this is very stupid video from silly girls. grat!

3 years ago

Markith Harris

why I love youtube / New 2 me luv it

3 years ago

diyforever kitkat

I've been looking for this song its so catchy 

3 years ago


This album was pretty unique. Well written songs with special sound effects, that made her music stand out. I loved Boom Clap but that's when it went downhill. Sucker has some songs that are good, but nothing more than that. Pretty much every song has the same subject - partying. I'm only 21 but an album all about parties bores me to death. It gets a bit immature, and it has no depht.

3 years ago

Gaspar Araya

i really miss this cybergrunge charli :(

3 years ago

John Albano

I like the song but the static in the video was annoying as fuck

3 years ago

Arcanjo Miguel

its so mean to tell someone she is meant to be alone. charli is a bitch.

3 years ago

Ana Del Rio

Que aburrido

3 years ago


Awesome artist sporting an awesome brand #CyberDogUK

3 years ago

catsgaming 23

is it just me or does charli look different here then other song

3 years ago

Angelica Lloyd

Go 6.5 millones

3 years ago

Jonathan James

Came here 2 years ago because of Gold Panda - You. And the views was in the hundred thousands...

3 years ago


*Disfruta de tu salida en viernes con Charli XCX*Por fin es fin de semana y para festejar, queremos dejarles esta canción de +Charli XCX. *"You (Ha Ha Ha)"* fue una de las primeras canciones por las cuales conocimos a la artista, esperamos que sea el inicio de tu merecido descanso. Si te gustó la canción, puedes descargarla desde +Google Play: 

3 years ago

Ashley y

She remind me a lot of mona of pretty little liars and i dont know why bc she doesn't look like her.

3 years ago

James van Biljon

dam wish I had the chance to fuck it up

3 years ago

Alberto - do - música

¡Nooo! ¡Nooooo! ¡Por favooor! ¡Seré bueno! ¡Seré bueno! ( ; ) ( ; )

3 years ago

lja245 joseph

The music video reminds me of saints row the third 

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