Charli XCX - Breaking Up [Official Video] video free download

Duration: 03:30
Uploaded: 2014/12/02

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Directed by BRTHR (

Commissioned by Dan Curwin


3 years ago

Steph C

"We had a good run, Patrick..." #bestlineever

3 years ago

natlin dianagron

je l'adore charli

3 years ago

Aliyah Vargas

I love you so much make more videos

3 years ago


I mean the songs *great* and I love Charlie in general for her throw-back 90s style and personality but the video is a *piece of graphic art* I LOVE IT!!

3 years ago

Mario Holland

The best 'break-up' song ever

3 years ago

Gghhgvf ffdyuij

Sorry your music there is too much going on like u to cool it and make some music that has more soul

3 years ago

Frida Hart

Queen !

3 years ago


charli's style is so freaking adorable, i just became obsessed with her and glad i found her.

3 years ago

Angelica Lloyd

Este video merece mas visitas

3 years ago


Please make a music video for Need Your Luv :D

3 years ago

Carlos Urdapilleta


3 years ago

Carlos Carreño

Amo estos efectos de los 80's -90's

3 years ago

Angelica Lloyd

Breaking Up

3 years ago


from seeing her lips I'd bet her labia majora is crazy big! but i'm diggin that.

3 years ago

Violeta Díaz Ríos

I want that silver dress so badly!!!

3 years ago

Maïwen Brezelec


3 years ago


best song from Sucker without a doubt! Anyone else think this sounds almost like an 80s hair metal kind of song? It strikes me every time...

3 years ago

jennifer velasco

I love

3 years ago

abiigail flores


3 years ago

Alexander Hitler

charli you are so beautiful, i wish i could fuck you.

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