Ben Folds Five - One Angry Dwarf & 200 Solemn Faces | Directed by Peter Demetris video free download

Duration: 03:57
Uploaded: 2009/10/03

Ben Folds Five | One Angry Dwarf & 200 Solemn Faces - Directed by Peter Demetris

Originally broadcast on the Jack Docherty Show on Channel 5 UK in 1997.

From the director: As many of you have noticed this isn't a live performance. Instead it is a mime to a backing track. Unfortunately the Jack Docherty Show was a relatively low budget production. Although we had facilities to mic and mix a live band they were already being used on the house band. Even if we had the extra equipment needed to do a house band and a full live performance the production schedule wouldn't allow it as we only had one small stage and would have had to stop recording for over an hour and the audience made to wait while we set up a live band.

Ben Folds knew this when they were booked to come on the show and so decided to have some fun with the performance. They were not 'forced' to mime! They were cool with it and decided to have some fun with it. Ben was actually late dropping the piano on the night but I slipped the shot into sync to make him look good! I still think this is one of the best performances we had on the series and although I would have loved to do it properly live it is very entertaining nonetheless. Peter Demetris


4 years ago

Inu kun


5 years ago


Peter, thank you for uploading this! This made my day! This is even funnier than when Nirvana had to "perform" with a backing track on Top Of The Pops. I'm sure many other artists have had some fun with this scenario as well :)

5 years ago

Chef Shawn

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH I could care lass that its dubbed over!!! Great job guys it looks like you had a blast making the video. the piano playing elbows and killer bass licks are one of my fav parts! thanks again

5 years ago

Ignacio Bellusci

A empezar el lunes con esta energia zarpada!

5 years ago

Jack Plater

Who Cares if this is dubbed/Covered up a mishap in the leadup up to the live show. we all know this, as they play it up anyway, you see ben take his hands away from the piano multiple times plus everyone else just mucking around. If it means more people who don't know about Ben Folds can, then let it go. That means he might come to Australia more often! .... Awesome stuff

5 years ago


Curious to see how late it was--sounds awesome. Great video, Peter! One of the best, visually.

5 years ago


Hahahaha, this is great, I too would like to hear the live audio, out of curiosity - I bet it's equally funny. Muse had a similar situation where they all switch instruments - and the hosts didn't even know!

6 years ago


Instant fall in love with ben folds when he drops the piano.

6 years ago

zion Rodman

do you actually have the live audio of this though. I'd like to hear it just out of curiosity they looked they were having fun with it haha.

6 years ago


After immediately noticing that it was a dubbed performance, I was totally entertained. Hilarious, committed, and true to the medium of TV performances. Nice job, everyone involved!

6 years ago

ira gerhana

Sumpah masih ga ngerti knapa neh orang bisa sekeren ini mainin piano nya......KEREEEENNNN.....!!!! LOVE iT....LOVE iT...LOVE iT....

6 years ago


Despite the fact I wanted to see them live on this video, Ben Fold's actions are amaaaaaazing<333

6 years ago


@DaKilla27 It makes the performance much better when they don't fake it at all and just have fun. Look up "Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit Live Top of the Pops" they don't try at all.

6 years ago

Clayton Ristow

i wonder how this would have sounded had they have been miked.. this is the reason i love ben folds five!

7 years ago


So Peter, how bad did that really sound live? I mean, you can unplug a bass guitar but Ben still had to slap the keyboard and the drummer still had to pound the drums..... That must have been horrible in the audience.

7 years ago


1:13 ....wat. I know it's fake but you think they'd try a little harder...

7 years ago


Thanks for posting this. I've read your comments Peter, and appreciate the situation. But surely it doesnt take much out of the budget and time to get a three piece mic'd up and allocate time for soundcheck..etc... surely for the extra time and cost it adds ten times more value to the programme ? Even getting the gear onto set and getting mics..etc. in place doesnt take long at all. Its done all the time at gigs.

7 years ago


@theend13 read the description!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 years ago

Van Martin

I used to have that exact Epiphone Les Paul bass. I've been pissed at myself for years for selling it to pay for concert debt. Now I'm even more embarrassed/pissed. Oh well... What can you do?

7 years ago


hahaha i love this. playing with his elbows and dropping the piano. cool effect. This is why Ben Folds is the coolest artist out there.

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