Philosophy - Ben Folds Live video free download

Duration: 05:44
Uploaded: 2010/05/02


3 years ago

Kiyta Thax

thats why Baldwin's piano are my favorite 

4 years ago


5:00 my face throughout the video.

4 years ago

Todd Leeuwenburgh

So damned good on that piano! and it's a hell of a cheerful song.

4 years ago


And then Gershwin. Love him, love this song.

4 years ago

Melissa Joe

are two heads better than one, is the question. maybe is the answer.

5 years ago

Chris Blakely

is that a bruins shirt?

5 years ago

Chance Miller


5 years ago

maria ross

all hail the piano god

5 years ago

Chris de la Cruz

I thought it was great at the end how incorporated both "Theme from Dr. Pyser" and "Miserlou" within the same stretch. He is a Piano Master.

5 years ago

José Almeida

Muito bom

5 years ago

dean woodrum

piano god i say yes to that and i say master of the keys :)

5 years ago


Packing awesome!

6 years ago

Sebastian S

Who disliked this? WHOOOOOO?!?!?!?!?!?!

6 years ago


Yes haha

6 years ago


My new goal is to go to a Ben Folds concert and get so close I can watch his hands as he plays the concert. That man is a freaking piano *god*.

6 years ago

Lavache Beadsman

There's a rumor that this songs about his dick.

6 years ago


Imagine that someone who can read music, play an instrument, and really sing. Who would have thought that a musician could actually play music. :)

6 years ago


I'm getting addicted to his live stuff

6 years ago

Adam Compton

Gotta love his polite dismount and bow immediately after he crushes a solo like that. He acts like he just played Debussy or something mellow with that simple smile, haha.

6 years ago


@Kagedb agree, "nothingness"

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