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Duration: 05:57
Uploaded: 2010/10/17

Before Cologne & Cologne

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3 years ago

Clara Cownap

this song makes me cry every time

4 years ago


Esoteric never sounded so good.

4 years ago

Jeff Laffite Jones

Anticipation. My body aches, heart beating faster and I'm smiling. This is what life feels like. I am alert, happy, aware of every sight, smell and sound around me. I am salivating at the thought of him standing close to me. He smiles and I smile back. We can't stop. Our eyes are meeting and it makes my skin tingle. I want to touch him. I want to run my hands over his body and taste his mouth. I want to slowly pull his pants down and lick him slick and hard then pull his lust out of him until it sprays warm and sweet down the back of my throat. But I can't. Our moment in time is over. Our love affair is over. The dream is over as we are moving in new directions, still pulled to each other by the undeniable chemistry but following our heads. This romance was doomed. It made no sense. We were sharing a space in time that didn't belong to us. We'd hijacked a winter to unleash the carnal cravings that stirred within us and now life was moving on. If we didn't get back to our scheduled paths we could lose ourselves in each other. And that wouldn't end well. So he leaves, and as I say goodbye I'm feeling shaky and anxious. I'm nervous I can't do this without him. I'm afraid of never having that feeling again. I'm afraid of losing this edge that has made my world neon. But I let him go anyway. The things that bring us together are starting to tear at us. The edges of our desire have pain and loss. This romance has run its course and so I let him go. I walk back to my kitchen and nothing looks familiar. I go back to my bedroom and lie down. I pull the blanket over my head. I curl up. I close my eyes and wonder if I can keep them closed forever. Or if I open them again, what will I see and will it ever look as bright as it did yesterday, last week, 6 months ago? 

4 years ago

Evan Bennet

This is my favorite artist, a virtuosic pianist and powerful and relatable composer, Ben Folds. This is one of my favorite tracks from him, too. I'll share a few of my favorite songs ever from him and others on here, too. Maybe stuff a bit more modern than Vivaldi ;)

4 years ago

Uday Kanth

I don't even know if this song became any popular, but this is just the kind of simple acoustic music I can let myself drown in. I know the lyrics are a bit sad and weird but I have this amazing ability to turn a deaf ear to them and just enjoy the music part of a song...o_o#moodmusic 

4 years ago

Thales Magno

its illegal to think somebody else is guilty for your suffering

4 years ago

Khalid Maraqa

Lisa Nowak

4 years ago


The intro, pretty deep stuff, especially with the bass.

5 years ago


Ah here mate, get a GRIP!

5 years ago


This song is so damn sad, it should be age restricted...

5 years ago


I Have No Fucking Clue What That Meant... But I Feel You <3

5 years ago

Wise Liar

he is a beautiful composer.

5 years ago

Sarah Mandt

love this song

6 years ago


And yet he considers himself not a great lyricist... Its silly

6 years ago

Nick Intro

Ben Folds with weird al for superbowl

6 years ago

Henry Mansfield

@BeastlyTreeMan101 I know.... Pure perfection

6 years ago


Beautiful. Ben Folds has helped me through the toughest breakup of my life with this gorgeously written song. I couldn't have said it better myself, Ben, although our stories are strangely similar yet oddly different.

6 years ago


I love this.

7 years ago

Aaron Davis

Thanks for combining these tracks... Ben Folds is teh shit

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