Ben Folds - Bitch Went Nuts video free download

Duration: 03:07
Uploaded: 2008/12/26

The bitch went nuts

She stabbed my basketball

And the speakers to my stereo

She called me cunt

But nothing prepared me for

What I found when I came home

Oh and I

Make my own bed

I lie in it

You lie in yours (you lie, you lie in yours)

But they want more

They're at my door

With torches

Please leave me alone

You know just shut it just shut it just shut it

The bitch went nuts

She photoshopped my face (shopped his face)

On to every boy who'd done her wrong

Then she burned them telepathically

Onto the brains of all her embittered drones

Oh now

Now they want more

They're at my door

With torches, scores and scores and scores

To settle with themselves

Who would have thought

I'd scorned them all

They've got a doll of me

They're burning, they're burning, they're burnin

Their own memories

Why do they all know? (Go!)

The bitch went nuts y'all

But everyone said she might

Oh, holy fuckin' shit

Seriously now

Now they want more

they're at my door

with torches, scores and scores

You would have thought

I'd scorned them all

They've got a doll of me

They're burnin'

Why do they all know? (Go!)


3 years ago


Here representing Disc FF minigames server!

3 years ago


I actually feel like part of a community after reading the comment section xD Jacs multigames for life

3 years ago

Ronnie Pearson

Take a look at Titanclan counter strike source servers

3 years ago

Nouaman Machtan

I love this song! I hear it everytime time in Counter Strike Source! In mg_jacs_multigames map!

3 years ago


Anyone here from Don'tDropTheSoap minigames server?

3 years ago

RED |CSGOLawliet|

Everytime i am busy of exams i listen to this because it reminds me those times when y laughed a lot in the CSS Map with this song lol

3 years ago


Ah the good ol' css days.

3 years ago


Cs minigames just made this song for me :)

3 years ago

Andy Jimenez

Lol I never herd this song until I plagued jacs mulitgames in CSS (counter strike source) as soon as I heard it I was getting 10 kills and under 2 mins

3 years ago

Max Griffin

Nice song

3 years ago

Harry Park

memory of multigames <3

3 years ago

dimitris daravigas

HAHA I BET THAT Evryone here knows the song by CSS jac multigames.So do i !!And i love it!

3 years ago


shotgun on jac multigames :)

3 years ago

Aiden Evans

Guys join the server called mighty multigames because it has jacs in it and dat 50 hp knife

3 years ago

Viktor Simon

+FOBGAMER79 Or, on any part of the world.

4 years ago

james alkimos

I was admin remember Khooruy and MoRon?

4 years ago


I can said this: mg_jacs_multigame

4 years ago

Emrys Jay

jax Cs MG brought me here

4 years ago

Mickey Bennet

All too relevant to my life haha

4 years ago

Dr. Dino

I can relate

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