Ariana Grande - Emotions (Mariah Carey Cover) Lyrics video free download

Duration: 04:10
Uploaded: 2012/09/10

Ariana Grande performing Mariah Carey's "Emotions".

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4 years ago

Angelina Cucchi

She's got the high notes. But those deep notes are shit :/ no deep range at all. Bet she can barely hit middle C

4 years ago


I can reach the whistletone.... probley beuz im 11....

4 years ago

Cierrah Andrews

I'm 15 and I've been raised on Mariah Carey. Ariana can hit the notes like Mariah but I feel like she's missing the "emotions".

4 years ago

Lilly Koonce

i have a deep voice for a girl but i can still hit those whistle tones i'am proud

4 years ago

Ianculescu Liviu


4 years ago

Helen Pfaff

I can get every tone, it is soooo easy!!!

4 years ago

Joanne Garcia


4 years ago


Nobody can sound the exact same. Both Mariah and Ariana have unique voices. Stop comparing them! Love both versions.

4 years ago


Everyone: OMG SHE SOUNDS SOOO MUCH LIKE MARIAH CAREY THEYRE LIKE IDENTICAL IN EVERY WAY!!Me and my best friend: she's unique she only has similar vocals

4 years ago

Sonia Goss

Is it just me or does Ariana's whistle notes sound more clear than Mariah's 

4 years ago

Jaqueline Jiménez

Whenever I sing this song I actually sound like this..

4 years ago

Tavaris Tonge

Ariana for the win

4 years ago

Shaye Hale

For her age she does an amazing job. She will only get better with practice as her career continues. 

4 years ago


no hay nadie como MARIAH CAREY.

4 years ago


Ariana and Mariah are two different people. Different lives. Different voice. And different personalities. So why are you comparing them? They have nothing in common. Other than hitting whistle tones. If it's a video about Mariah then talk about her. If it's about Ariana talk about her. Stop comparing them. Ariana is just a fan of Mariah and I know she tries to be a little bit like her but she's her own person. And Mariah may be annoyed by her but that doesn't mean anything. Ariana and Mariah are different people. God made them different. And you guys need to know that.

4 years ago

Terrin Mvnac


4 years ago

Trio Channel

Zero Originality. She has no lower register and her enunciation sucks as well, plus her whistles are tweaked à la max !!! Not even close to Mariah Carey but at least she tried.

4 years ago

Carlo Gevero

Whoaw! Can't reach high notes! I'm feeling to dubsmash this +dubsmash

4 years ago

Jimmy Linsenmayer

To be honest I hear autotune...

4 years ago

Iyron Nixon

I get that you are fans of Mariah, but if you want people to stop comparing Ariana to Mariah would it be smart for you to stop comparing them too instead of wasting your time with something that isn’t that serious? Clearly Ariana isn’t a Mariah. But it doesn’t matter. We all known Mariah for over 20 years and known Ariana for about 4 years (I think). But, at the end of the day, their still people. Mariah isn’t a god! She’s a human being just like Ariana. Mariah shouldn’t be respected anymore than the next person. I am a fan of both women because their freaking talented. But, this fan base shit has gotten out of control. Be a fan of whoever you want to be and stop trying to get people to go against each other because their job is to make and sell music.And stop saying she needs to pay homage to MC. She was not the first woman to do falsetto and whistle tones there were women ahead of her who did them better (Minnie Riperton). And if you don't like why the hell did you click her video?

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