Oasis - I am the Walrus (live, Berlin 2002) скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 07:02
Загружено: 2008/02/23

Best version of the classic 'I am the Walrus' by far... What a performance!!

Little notice for all the Oasis fans:

Look at the little moment between Liam and Noel at 1:01... amazing!! Gems reaction to it is also very cool.. MADFEEERRRRRRIIITTTTT!!!


3 years назад

James Merkel

3689 ;2231 ;701 ;7257 ;2714 ;

3 years назад

enrique jorge romero fuentes

un clásico interpretado ´por otro puffffffffffffff

3 years назад

Gilberto Portillo


3 years назад

Annapacha Clarke

Jeez.... can't believe how many men think that loving the Beatles means hating on Oasis lol! Typical of this social media sheep like mentality...pathetic!! Oooo it's not cool to like this if you like that....fucking cowardly whiny bastards lol!! The two bands are totally different in style and about 3 decades apart lol! What they have in common are talent and passion and some of the best songs that anyone will ever hear...FACT!

3 years назад

Diego Peña

I am the eggman

3 years назад

felipe gaete

i like oasis but i prefer the original song,

3 years назад

Eduardo Contreras


3 years назад

Frazy Sting

Awesome cover !

3 years назад

James Gonsalves

I see Liam fucked it up straight away.It's okay for oasis being Beatles admirers, but don't cover them if you haven't even bothered remembering the words ffs.Give me Blur.

3 years назад

Wobble King

It's obviously not the best version... the original is, was and always will be the best version.

3 years назад

Diana Carrion Galiano


3 years назад

Cecilia Starkey

I think that's the best COVER version of this song, and it's so nice!

3 years назад


paul was killed in a car crash and replaced by william campbell with plastic surgery and vocal training to get same tone. simple story and you're all so dumb you don't know it. you think i'm the dumb one. lmao

3 years назад

Anderson García Ascanio

what a shit! i stay with the younger Liam!!! that Liam back in 1994!!!

3 years назад

Hans Dampf

Beatles Cover 

3 years назад

Kelly Risener

*It's time to accept the truth the evidence supports. Go to Truthcontest ▫ com to learn what it is.*

3 years назад

David daltrey

Why try to sound like john...sad person

3 years назад

John Abreu

Still prefer the version of Jim Carrey

3 years назад


at 1:01 when liam and noel look at eachother and gem laughs, it's because liam sings the wrong words... he is supposed to sing:"Corporation tee shirt, stupid bloody TuesdayMan you been a naughty boy. You let your face grow long"

3 years назад


Russell Brand ruined this song.

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