Jim Carrey and I Am The Walrus with George Martin - The Beatles скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 04:35
Загружено: 2013/08/03

Jim Carrey records with the legendary George Martin in abbey road studios

Iam The Walrus.

A song composed for the album magical mistery tpur in 1967

componed by John Lennon


3 years назад

Enchatress 18

~^.^~Sir George Martin ~I feel your Magic ~<3

3 years назад

Morten Andersen

If Jim Carrey turns out to be the walrus then my lips are ahem sealed.

3 years назад


Funny thing, I don't particularly like Jim Carrey or this song but what he did made me like both.

3 years назад


cocaine kids

3 years назад


Wtf Jim Carrey can sing!

3 years назад

Davey Stones

not bad at all

3 years назад

Joe Otero

I never thought I could possibly like Jim Carrey any less.... I was wrong.

3 years назад

Linka WaldSmith

Quite nice interpretation 

3 years назад

savin lamichhane

Its even better.

3 years назад


Better then Bono...

3 years назад

yasmin M


3 years назад

dave collins

I like this cover version.

3 years назад

Gary Tarr

Staggeringly good

3 years назад

Marita Viedma

Extraordinarioooooooo!!! Ha demostrado más talento del que ya sabíamos que tiene de sobra!! wow wow wow!!

3 years назад

Daniella de groote

ha ha f.. nice!

3 years назад

Resa George

If anyone could re make a decent version of the Beatles song... the "Ace" can... really well done

3 years назад

Steph Sancia

I just can't get enough of Jim Carey with his totally FABULOUS talents. A fantastic sense of insane humour, right up my London 1960's humour alley and his singing is top notch too. People like Jim keep my world spinning around with a Positively Happy Vibrance. Happy Monday to the world from Xena Land and ALL KUDOS to Jim Carey and The Beatles, Music IS Life, Steph :) 

3 years назад

Sabrina Weeks

Jim carrey stole this song. John lennon would've loved this

3 years назад

Chaithanya Nair

Jimmy , Oh Jimmy! 

3 years назад

Jhonathan Moran

A crazy song for a crazy actor :)

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