Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Violation - Darren Cesca, Fan Request скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 05:07
Загружено: 2013/12/05

A play through of the song "The Violation" written by the Symphonic Deathmetal band "Fleshgod Apocalypse". This was one of many songs requested for me make a video of. I really enjoy listening to this band's music and I figured it would make a fun video. It's fast and intense, that's for sure. Thanks for all the support everyone and enjoy!

All music by Fleshgod Apocalypse

Drum Performance by Darren Cesca

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4 years назад


That was quite obscene. I loved it.

4 years назад


This is like Beethoven playing in the middle of ww3, amongst blitzkrieg and artillery fire.

4 years назад

Pelican Fly!

1:23DAMN! The double bass is so clean, fast, and consistent! That part just blew me away. Keep up the awesome work!

4 years назад

João Fernando Franco Tonsic

Godmode ON modafucka!!!

4 years назад

Cookie Monsta

probably the best rendition of this song, on youtube, you're so damn precise!

4 years назад

Josh Redmond

Think you need some more cymbals bro

4 years назад

Buster Eshay


4 years назад

Joseph Mikhail

I've seen this so many times haha, I'm blown away every time!

4 years назад

sponge bob


4 years назад


This is dope as fuck, id love to see you cover an Archspire song

4 years назад

Chelsea Hodgdon

Dem feet doe. 

4 years назад

Bagonk Marks

wow just wow you sick dudeawesome

4 years назад

Mguel Martínez

You just made me a TRX fan! they sound amazing!

4 years назад


TRULY amazing drumming! the only thing that bugs me is the way your cymbals are angled :/ nut i guess it's a matter of taste :P good job anyways! you've just earned yourself a sub

4 years назад

Marco Campos

Do u use kick triggers?

4 years назад

Dr Godinho


4 years назад


which foot and hand tech do you use that makes you so incredible fast? Awesome performance by the way!

4 years назад


really uninque left hand tech cheers!

4 years назад


one word - AWESOME!

4 years назад


I'm probably responsible for half of those 88.955 views. Seriously.. I've watched it so many times I've actually forgot to check your channel for more recent videos. Will do that right away!

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