Fleshgod Apocalypse - Francesco Paoli - The Violation скачать видео бесплатно

Длительность: 04:59
Загружено: 2012/02/23

UPDATE: After big fuss about it, I asked Francesco and he told me that he does Double-strokes, on the fast doublebass parts.

Francesco Paoli, drummer of Fleshgod Apocalypse, playing "The Violation".

Filmed by me and with permission from Francesco himself, at Bracara Extreme Fest, Portugal, December 10th, 2011.


4 years назад


Kinda funny hearing it from here, we hear the drums themselves and not the triggers. The drums themselves sound terrible. Not im not talking about the drumming, just the kit itself.

4 years назад

Doggerman Live

More beats in one video than green day drummer played in his entire life

4 years назад

Christian Dunham

Honestly, watching his drum camera videos... there's a lot in there that doesn't look like he's actually doing some of the really fast double base parts....

4 years назад


And what did we learn?Don't try to film Francesco Paoli without a high-speed camera.

4 years назад

Benjamin Andres Utreras Araya

i dont understand his double bass technique or its just a camera effect

4 years назад

Tenshin Daw

He's only been playing for 6years remember that 

4 years назад

Giacomo Biondelli

bitch please! Lars Ulrich is better

4 years назад


the fact that he can play this live is insane. The fact that when he blasts with his right hand, he's getting that hard hitting sound out of the snare is godly.

5 years назад



5 years назад


that drummer did some work

5 years назад

Hando Rando

rofl are we eventually getting to the part where every drummer sucks? like i saw some comments below saying francesco sucks because he uses heel-toe? Wtf? So if you have skills or knowledge it means you are shit? lol this jealousy

5 years назад


so sick. Have to borrow his left hand..

5 years назад

Vanee Salinas

the lightshow gave me epilepsia lol

5 years назад

paul schwitalla

drums sound like shit

5 years назад

peppiniello drum

sei un mitra!!!

5 years назад


Lars Ulrich is better

5 years назад


A Shame... I thought he played like the album, double strokes, tempo lost on blast beast, a whole mess :(, I really had him so high... this other guy plays even more professionally and really hitting the notes unarranged Fleshgod Apocalypse "The Violation" - Darren Cesca, Fan Request

5 years назад


i went into cardiac arrest trying to follow his hand movements

5 years назад


His left hand really doesn't keep up in most of the blast sections. That seems to be the case in many drum cam vids of him unfortunately. I can't say that I'm a big fan of drummers that record stuff on albums that they can't honestly pull off live, and yes I'm aware that this is an older video and that he hadn't played drums for very long at this point but still... I like Francesco and he he seems like a great guy and all and no I could not do it better myself but that doesn't mean that I can't critique his some of his drumming. I do however like the drum parts he writes for fleshgod and his performance on the albums. 

5 years назад


i mean, he is really fast and stuff...but its sooo booring...

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