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Duración: 05:32
Subido: 2009/10/27

The Unnamed Feeling [Official Music Video]

From the album "St. Anger

Director: The Malloys

Filmed in October 2003 in Los Angeles, CA

Video Premiere Date: December 3, 2003

© 2003 Metallica


3 years ago


Weirrrrd i never heard or saw this...

3 years ago

Matthew Lane

My favorite song on this album.

3 years ago


That a Metallica song could make me cry like I just did.

3 years ago

Ivan Levak

Eric Koston GIRL & Stevie Williams DGK

3 years ago

Aleksandar Dragovic

There will be haters of this album but they will never understand the message, the emotion, the anger behind it. As a true die hard metallica fan from the Kill em all album i say this emotionally is one of my favorites. 

3 years ago

Tyler Crenshaw

That feeling, James, is called the dark side... Something I must feel everyday.

3 years ago

Szilard Hegyi

cross my heart hope not to die swallow evil ride the sky ahhhh awesome

3 years ago

lord geoffrey

great song but ruined by the crap at 4.24 to 4.28, is he trying to be celine dion?

3 years ago

Mohomed the Gaypigfucker

How awesome would it be if Metallica, before they died, produced one more classic album. I could forgive and forget the past 20 years.

3 years ago

Christian Clarke

Even though this is Metallica's worst album (and it has to be really bad to even be considered that because of how good their older works are), this is probably one of the most underrated songs they've ever made 

3 years ago

Iron MaidenRules

Finally made peace with the snare drum sound on this album, so now I really like it.

3 years ago

Hunter Hicks

"Found safety in this loneliness but cannot stand it anymore"The me from a year ago would shoot my current self for posting this...

3 years ago

Mat Matthieu

Ooooohhhhwwwww yeahhhhhh

3 years ago

Tristan West

It takes me away!

3 years ago


This music is overproduced.

3 years ago


Metallica es la Luz

3 years ago


3 words for Metallica... GIVE IT UP!

3 years ago

Kevin Luper

Been here before...

3 years ago

The Metal Legend

Such a lameass song. This is just a beyond fucked up song and also this song sounds like another one of those depression songs. James Hetfield's vocals are so soft, it is a not even a fucking joke. And what kind of stupid name for a song is "The Unnamed Feeling"? This is clearly the worst song on St.Anger next to Dirty Window. Whoever likes this song is clearly some kind of faggot who is sad when they have like their girlfriend break up with him or whatever. Fuck this song and St.Anger.

3 years ago

Joseph Hickman

Where's paully paullettein the mettalca video i heard she has a cameo i also heard the csi coroner is a major metal sexy is that?!

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