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Duración: 04:58
Subido: 2009/10/27

Frantic [Official Music Video]

From the album "St. Anger"

Director: Wayne Isham

Filmed in July 2003 in Montreal, Canada

Video Premiere Date: August 15, 2003

© 2003 Metallica


3 years ago

Raging Metalhead

take these shit drums out and the song would fuckin be relatively good

3 years ago

SOso YOo

Smallville Temporada 2 !!

3 years ago

Jake M

I think some people that like metallica dont like St Anger because its not only a more "angry" metallica than most of their other albums but its also a more of a nu-metalish album than their other stuff. I dont think its that bad but it definitely stands out from their other albums. But, you do have to remember, this is around the timeframe that nu-metal was really booming so maybe they were just making something that they though people wanted to hear.

3 years ago

Voicee Iss

Fuck VEVO in the mouth hail MTV

3 years ago

Aleksandar Dragovic

Ok so take the ending riff then put it after the second verse add a solo repeat verse end and this song would have more punch. Other than that the message is fucking amazing story of my old life, die hard metallica fan till the day i die!!

3 years ago

DJ Music_Beautiful Girl

Metallica - Frantic

3 years ago

Dan Goldsmith

I guess I like the original song because it bugged me listening to this shortened version.

3 years ago

Andrew Esquivel

im stoned and 3:16 murdered me

3 years ago

Norbert Schwarz

tic tic tock!!!!!!

3 years ago

Андрій Клименко

Metallica - Frantic [Official Music Video]\m/

3 years ago



3 years ago

Dakota Neuman

What's the significance of the rooster? It makes me think of how Peter, denied Christ three times before the cock crowed.

3 years ago

humbled by his grace

The search is over

3 years ago


twenpeeks. faen ka med dei som ikkje klare å pule noe som helst ? høres ut jo ut som tilbuda kommer i massevis ! .

3 years ago

Lorenz Castañeda

2003 la era de Metallica marcó su regreso a la música con este primer sencillo que viene del álbum St. Anger

3 years ago


Just as it gets heavy... it finishers.

3 years ago

Yuri Yurchenko

and this too

3 years ago

Rikki Moen


3 years ago


Y'all are missing the Brilliance of this album! It has a different and unique sound. It's like Presence by Led Zeppelin.. All the mainstream fans don't understand it but musicians and real music lovers dig it. Led Zeppelin never followed a formula...and with this album, Metallica doesn't either except that they did and kinda have ever since the Black album which is why this album is so brilliant. Its different sounding and favorite by them ever! 

3 years ago

Banter is so much FUN

'My lifestyle determines my death style'.

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