Yellowcard - Always Summer (Acoustic) video free download

Duration: 03:15
Uploaded: 2012/08/22


4 years ago



5 years ago

Wes Papes

When Spider-Man 2 came out in '04, Yellowcard released "Gifts and Curses", and ANY true Yellowcard knows and loves that song. Anyone else?

5 years ago


I really think their acoustic versions are about the same if not better than the original version of these songs. Gotta love Yellowcard! 

5 years ago


Absolutely Amazing

5 years ago


I love how yellowcard does acoustic versions. Amazing :)

5 years ago


This is very nice ^3^

6 years ago


I feel inspired every time I listen to Yellowcard. Such a great band

6 years ago

Haris Bijedic

Fuck! I didn't see where my arrow was and when I found it was on the dislike button. I moved it away but it was too quick that it came back to the dislike button and I accidentaly clicked it... Please, Yellowcard, sorry for everything! I love you <3 YELLOWCARD FOR LIFE!!! <3 <3 <3

6 years ago


They were here in Montreal with All Time Low and I missed it. FML :|

6 years ago

Shayla Johnson

I've been listening to this band since Paperwalls, Not once you have failed to amuse me, Yellowcard!. Keep it up!

6 years ago

jared skully

beautiful, music for the soul

6 years ago

Danial Halim

when is available on iTunes?

6 years ago


Yellowcard, one of the few true bands left!!! amazing is an understatement

6 years ago


these guys are so [email protected]!!!!

6 years ago


3 retarded pieces of shits.

6 years ago


i saw them live 2 months ago and they were amazing!!!! if u have a chance to see them, do it.

6 years ago


Simply beautiful!

6 years ago

Erik Rodriguez

I hope they re do the whole album acoustic like they did last time. I think this is the catchiest song I've ever heard.

6 years ago


Pleasepleasepleaseplease pretty please do a full acoustic of this album.

6 years ago

Lestat WasHere

I really wanna see them live !!

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