Weezer - Africa video free download

Duration: 03:57
Uploaded: 2018/05/29

Stream + download the song: http://fanlink.to/weezerafrica

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1 year ago

Kelly J

I freaking love his slight vibrato

1 year ago


I listen to this when killing weebs in for honor, DEUS VULT!!!!

1 year ago

Doctor Glub glub

This didn't just bless africa, it blessed the entire world.

1 year ago

Jeffrey Nichols

for the win

1 year ago

Hriata renthlei

LOve it..!!!

1 year ago

Magickal Moonie

Beautiful and perfect!

1 year ago

Noah Latko

better than toto

1 year ago

Game time girl

This cover is better than most cover songs but not even close to as good as the original song by Toto.

1 year ago

Jim Cobb

the arrangement and production aesthetic are so similar to the original, l'd rather just listen to the original. way to bring basically nothing to the party, Weezer. y'all even copped the same exact vocal ad libs at the end.

1 year ago

Red-d The King


1 year ago


I love how the guitar sounds in the chorus!!!

1 year ago

Robert Mesaros

Marvel: 'Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history'Me:

1 year ago

Agent Migs

When meme culture ends up leading into a decent cover.

1 year ago

Martin Viau

It's not the cover we deserved, but the cover we needed.

1 year ago

Robert Kroll

they fucking did it. Those motherfuckers did it.

1 year ago

Franke Sisto

I once thought that "I Will Survive" by Cake was the greatest cover in the history of covers. I was wrong.

1 year ago

Labarynth Maze


1 year ago


there's not much contribution from Weezer in this cover .... it's exactly as the original. What's the point of covering it?

1 year ago


how de fuk can over 5k people dislike this??

1 year ago

Jessie Grabow

I feel like I don't want to stop listening to this. Best cover, best interpretation, best altruism ever. Weezer rules with humble exuberance! Best. Cover. Ever!!!

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