Townes Van Zandt - You Are Not Needed Now video free download

Duration: 04:15
Uploaded: 2010/09/12

The late, great, and superfluosly brilliant Townes Van Zandt. Taken from his 'High, Low And In Between' album. Released on the Rhino/WEA, Tomato labels.

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3 years ago

Christine Brosch

piano and percussion - sounds very well 

4 years ago

David Burton

The late, great ......hell he said it himself

4 years ago


Probably one of his finest, and the Jack Clement studio is there to do it the justice it required, lucky rich bastard XD

4 years ago

Jazzbox Recordings

Townes was so great. His songs posses such a sadness, similar to Graham Parsons.

4 years ago


I read the other day that Townes wrote this song for Janis the day when she died, aparently they where friends and hung out together in some blues clubs for a while...

4 years ago


best songwriter ever. You can see the interview with Guy Clark where Clark is asked to explain how TVZ could write such songs, and the answer is something like this: "Coolest guy that ever was... and a smart son of a bitch... hard work, and paying attention."

5 years ago

Alexandra Earle

It's a townes kind of day . :) 

5 years ago


A true hero of a man.

6 years ago

Atul Awasthi

Townes Van Zandt - You Are Not Needed Now

6 years ago


Great song

6 years ago


First Townes tune that blew me away, but not the last

6 years ago

Charles Thomas Draper

TVZ is needed now...

7 years ago


Somewhere in the world there is someone who dislikes this song. *sigh*

7 years ago


My favourite... I imagine this to be perfect for a demobbed serviceman. Just great.

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