Townes Van Zandt - Waitin' Around To Die video free download

Duration: 02:38
Uploaded: 2008/11/19

A video for Waitin' Around To Die. This version of the song is from his first album; For The Sake Of The Song.

Beautiful song.

Hope you enjoy :)


3 years ago

Joe Jackson

Alas, Towns didn't have too long to wait...

3 years ago

Barbara Carl Nitsche

.... i like to say .... thank you so much ... !!!

3 years ago

Morten Andersen

Awful cramps coming round the corner. Thank fuck for the kindness of strangers. 

3 years ago

Olivia Bolivs

mmm ya so good

4 years ago

giancarlo borrelli

the best version version is the one that came out on uncut magazine

4 years ago

Jonathan Sallas

This is the best version. Don't let anyone say different! =) Thanks!

4 years ago

Dave Stambach

This is definitely my favorite version.

4 years ago

Sammy Colter

Just here to boost my BDMM.

5 years ago


Has a spaghetti western feel to it...

5 years ago

John Smith

With someone to tell him to sing just a little more straightforward at times, with a little less yodeling, and with better production of his songs, this man could have been 10 times more famous. There are some stupid fuckin' producers out there who miss the right feel, and degrade the great talent of some musicians.

6 years ago

lars laid

love this song..real original gangsta type of song when i say this is on the jaques masrine movie (the french public no. 1) greetings from norway. rip townes*

6 years ago


I love both versions.

6 years ago


lest we forget Townes, a gem of a Americana, up there with Phil Oches

6 years ago

Jonathan Michael

Thank you for posting this, Sissham.

6 years ago


Good god, someone cut the drums. There are plenty of versions w/o this clumsy beat, and they're all better.

6 years ago


@cgrimes55 Agreed. I like Cowboy Jack as a person and artist, but this production is atrocious. And I think he knows it; I have seen a video where he jokes about his tendency to overproduce songs at this time. (It is the Austin City Limits tribute to Townes after e died. Guy Clark laughs.) I always recommend folks get "Live at the Old Quarter" as an intro to Townes.

6 years ago


damn you Cowboy Jack!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago

Brian Regan

2 people are waiting around to die

6 years ago


TvZ was a poet.

7 years ago

Morten Reidar Langård

topp helt enkelt, topp

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