Townes van zandt - Dollar Bill Blues video free download

Duration: 02:53
Uploaded: 2010/08/22

The acoustic version of Dollar Bill Blues, from the album Acoustic Blue.

Hi Guys, i've finally uploaded all of the songs from Acoustic blue, you can find them at my profile and here is the link to the playlist: Enjoy!


3 years ago

Iwannabe Elected

tvz lives on through his music.

4 years ago

Erin Arthur

luv luv luv !!

4 years ago

Andrásné Tóth

Townes van zandt - Dollar Bill Blues

4 years ago

Mary Leigh Lear

My god I love this man. A true genius.

4 years ago


I got two words for Townes. In my drunken stupor. "Fuck Yeah"

4 years ago


Awesome quote Nasty. Thanks for posting.

4 years ago


"Townes van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that." - Steve Earle

5 years ago


Damn that guitar sounds beast!

5 years ago


Townes forever!!!

5 years ago

David Verbout

It's true.

6 years ago

Charles Thomas Draper

GENIUS. This is a great album. Buy it....

6 years ago

Kegan Mahon

When I hear TVZ, I can't shake the thought that maybe man is meant to destroy himself in order to truly live...he either tears himself down or raises himself up, but at the end of the long highway of living, he walks a dead man in spirit.

6 years ago

Downhill Phil

We saw him and Guy Clark at McCabes in Santa Monica oh about 1980-81 maybe....maybe late 70's...anyway, it was the most spiritual experience I ever had...and I saw all the great bands of the '60's including Beatles, Stones, Who, Zepplin, etc....I still perform and write and wish I had 10% of the soul Townes has....but look what ended up happening to him? And not to slight Guy Clark by any means.....well...such is the life isn't it? DownHill Phil

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