The Jackson 5 - Rockin' Robin 1972 RARE video free download

Duration: 02:39
Uploaded: 2008/01/08


4 years ago


A superb Dutch Winger killed it in the Bundesliga.Rocking Robben.

4 years ago

marek cipkar

I lean this song at school

4 years ago

Cecil Etienne

The Jackson 5 - Rockin' Robin 1972 RARE

4 years ago

brett symington

From UK Xmas edition of Top Of The Pops 1972.I remember coming home from a party and loads of people on the train were singing it

4 years ago

melanie grober

RIP Michael wir werden dich vermissen 

4 years ago

Russell Liburd

Totally live too, great performance back then, King of Pop still missed today. RIP Jacko

4 years ago


At 2:04 they looked at Michael like "you gon get it when we get home".

4 years ago

Clifford Coulthard

Hopping and bopping ana singing this song

4 years ago

Doreen Maxwell

Love this. I am old-school If that's what it is.Lol

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