The Dandy Warhols - "Rest Your Head" (2013) Official Video video free download

Duration: 04:12
Uploaded: 2013/04/17

The Dandy Warhols

'Rest Your Head' (Taylor-Taylor/Zuniga)

dir. Jean-François Rivard

from The Dandy Warhols album THIS MACHINE (2012)

The End Records


4 years ago


I love this tune, beautiful lyrics.Crash Test Dum, ok...but who cares?

4 years ago


my head feels like blowing up most of the time....big mess..good song good theme

4 years ago

Damian Groehlich

...pain and sadness.

4 years ago

julian torres

I love how Courtney now looks like how Antonio used to look and still kinda does! Lol, and they def sound like test crash dummies!! Wow, I love them but this is wow. Call Anton and get some help!

4 years ago


poor song,crash test dummies is right

4 years ago

Emiliano Mattioli

"Call a technician, the machine is making the Dandy Warhols AGAIN"

4 years ago

Gabriela Savini

You guys sound very different for me now. But I loved, as always. I still dream with a concert in Brazil :/

4 years ago



4 years ago


Courtney singing in a different range these days? He's pretty dynamic.

5 years ago

Ferdy Katchadourian

They will be Dandy Warhols for ever and ever .. Love.

5 years ago

Claude Cramer

If hooks were money, they'd be billionaires.

5 years ago


Strange choice for a single. Cool though mind! :)

5 years ago

Explosive Candy

I think this is one of the best songs they've written. I recorded a live performance before the album was released and was hooked even then.

5 years ago


The Dandys never disappoint.

5 years ago

christopher kays

Best Band,Best Video,Best Song,Best Best Best ,just say'n ;) <3

5 years ago

Phone House

I like a lot that

5 years ago


My favourite song from their new album

5 years ago


Those lyrics talk to me deeply

5 years ago

Red Bow

<3 Dandy Warhols

5 years ago

Barry Schoolcraft

Definitely creepy vid, but fits the song. Rock on, Dandys!

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