The Dandy Warhols - Call Me video free download

Duration: 03:32
Uploaded: 2009/07/01

'Call Me', by The Dandy Warhols.

Album: Come On Feel The Dandy Warhols.


3 years ago


decided to check out this version, but i prefer franz ferdinand's version. my opinion tho.

4 years ago

Luke Helmsworth

How are you licensed as the artist for this song?

4 years ago


I just saw The Toadies cover "Heart of Glass" live.....what a mess that was.

4 years ago

billy di

Blondie Warhols

4 years ago

Kuro Neko

''...Anytime anyplace anywhere anyway Anytime anyplace anywhere anyway that you are...''

5 years ago

Based Chocotorro

Interesting instrumentation, the vocals, on the other hand...I prefer the Franz Ferdinand version.

5 years ago


Fucking epic.

6 years ago

Chapi Chapo

omgs hey go go !!

6 years ago

Terence Towles Canote

My next #coversunday song is The Dandy Warhols' version of Blondie's "Call Me."

7 years ago


I love the instrumentation, but the vocals don't have enough energy. I still prefer the Franz Ferdinand cover. This one's okay, though.

7 years ago


Amazing!better than the franz ferdinand cover:)

9 years ago


Great cover :D

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