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Uploaded: 2015/10/30

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Two days after recording some overdubs for 'A Day In The Life', The Beatles spent the afternoon in East London at Angel Lane, Stratford, filming scenes for the video of 'Penny Lane' with Scandinavian director, Peter Goldmann.

Shortly after the East London shoot, Goldmann and The Beatles headed to Knole Park, the grounds of a stately home in Kent, to film scenes of the band horse-riding in the countryside. Around this time, Goldmann and his crew (but minus The Beatles) travelled to Liverpool to shoot the sequences near to Penny Lane.

A few days before filming started for 'Penny Lane', Goldmann shot a promo for 'Strawberry Fields Forever'. Both shoots presented a challenge for everyone involved owing to the Musicians' Union ban on any action that could be construed as miming. Despite these limitations, both the films Goldmann made were so innovative that neither would have looked out of place on MTV a decade and a half later.

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2 years ago

Michael McCarthy

George was on a black horse. I guess that means that wasn't George, but actually a doppelganger! XD Paul didn't die either he was abducted by aliens to play a concert. So the whole he is dead thing is to cover up the ,dancing clown, aliens' ,who took him, identity. 0_o

2 years ago

Paul Buttrill

I'm surprised they haven't blocked this! Every time I look for a Beatles song I get' 'On the grounds....copyright...blabh,blah,blah" I just want to listen.

2 years ago

Sofan Donovan

Best of Paul Mc Cartney's song

2 years ago

George Vreeland Hill

No group has ever had an impact on music and the world like The Beatles. We are influenced by culture, but what they created was culture.

2 years ago

Ayu Indra

Pengen liat the beatles langsung :')

2 years ago


One of my favourite Beatles songs.

2 years ago

Lillian Curran

We get to sing this song for my Choir class

2 years ago


One of my favorite songs.

2 years ago

Cazz d'Ivoire

This channel needs more Sgt. Pepper

2 years ago

Robert Dominguez

these new stereo mixes are killer! You the keys sound rich, the drumming is three-dimensional, and you can even clearly hear the guitar. Fantastic work, Giles Martin.

2 years ago

Rolf O. J. Hener

Zum Ausklang des Tages,The Beatles - Penny LaneViel Spass!

2 years ago

Meraj Haidari

my small dick brought me here...

2 years ago


This doesn't sound as good as the original recording. There is something missing.

2 years ago

Min Jae Kim

its suck

2 years ago

Paul Boyne

Love This

2 years ago

Cecil Arinder

Absolutely Timeless....

2 years ago

Avelino Ferreira

This video shows the original barber shop related to the song,who is Bioletti not Tony Slavin who come years after.

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