Sum 41 - Still Waiting (Go Chuck Yourself) HD video free download

Duration: 02:51
Uploaded: 2012/01/12

Sum 41 - Still Waiting (Go Chuck Yourself)

Concierto Sympatico MSN/Happy Live Suprise

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3 years ago

Hiatus Lima

o mlehor Solista da Banda Sum 41... Dave... The Best Guitarrist of to the Sum 41 Dave ...

3 years ago

Matt Baillargeon

Deryck is Drake Bell if he was punk rock

3 years ago

Νίκη Μ.

This song is perfection 

3 years ago

J. C. V.

Mmmmm una de las pocas cansiones que me gustan mucho

3 years ago

MLG Oatmeal

that brown sound tho

3 years ago

arnaud Leseine

why the gutiarist leave, sum 41 was on top

3 years ago

Ana Carrilho

Dave leave the band to have more time to his family...

3 years ago

Slender Man

2:15 Avril Lavigne ?

3 years ago

C Dubbs

Why did Dave leave the band 

4 years ago

Josh Hopkins

Sum 41 and Green Day are one of the very few punk bands that really sound like their studio work in concert IMO

4 years ago

Franco Catania


4 years ago

Edgar Soledad

Genial ^.^/

4 years ago

Fabiano Laranja

primeira vez que eu ouvi e gostei ... punk rock canadense da antiga

4 years ago

chubby terror

Who doesn't!

4 years ago


soy el unico que habla español

4 years ago

Monster Robots Attack

What's with the half assed vocals?

4 years ago

Tristan Hernandez

dont we all

4 years ago


best, band, EVER!!

4 years ago

Andrew Joe

Dave looks pretty happy? When did he start not liking being in the band?

5 years ago


11 dislikes? Go chuck yourselves !!!

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